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Feb 23, 2014 02:43 PM

Chelsea (Market) Lately

Navigating through the tourists at the Chelsea Market during lunch time should be an Olympic event. The Chelsea Slalom. Opening the door somehow without letting an entire large polish group in and losing your family as a result requires some sort of an online course.

Took my family to an all day Chelsea Market eating yesterday...

Los Tacos - The more I eat those little adobada tacos the more I like them. Tacos on the small side when you compare to what you get at the bodegas but they are deadly good. I see many tourists fill the tacos with salsa and all other free goodies on display, killing all the flavor.

Dicksons - Loving the pastrami sandwich with apricot chutney here. Fatty in all the right places, like slow dancing with your SO. Hotdogs are great as well

Giovanni Rana - Good meaty Cappelletti al Prosciutto, an ok Spinach Mascarpone Ravioli, formerly Girasole, a dish with an identity problem. The worst Carbonara I ever had. No flavor whatsoever, and doubt any eggs were used, barely any pepper. I hinted to the water, ok more than hinted.. I flat out told him this sucks. He explained that they trained the cooks to make it the way they make it in the region where they are from. Too funny. Or sad. Even if they make Carbonaras in Veneto (I don't recall seeing any), I doubt it resembles this.

Liddabit chocolate chip cookie with caramel - Awesomeness!

Museum of the City of NY, history of Graffiti, Sandy, Central Park, yada yada yada...

Cull and Pistol for dinner - Long Island Clam Toast as good as advertised. Uni Tagliatelle, best pasta in the building. Rich, sweet, squid ink with some squid and cherry tomatoes. Not sure how it compares with the behemoths like Marea but this simply rocked for us. My oldest (13) swore against squid ink pastas when she tried it in Venice but liked this.

Love the $25 fries with lobster roll ;). Small but filling lobster roll with a LOT of fries which are more memorable than the lobster. Perfectly cut, nicely seasoned and addictive. Good roll but not a value play. Kids enjoyed the hefty fish (hake) and chips. All washed down nicely with the refreshing Gator Beer 2.0

L'Arte del Gelato - if there's better hazelnut gelato in the city, I didn't have it yet.

Other favorites lately... Num Pang - Peppercorn Catfish. Lobster Place - Chirashi (the big one for $25 or so, so so good)

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  1. stopped in at Ronnybrook today for an off-menu affogato. excellent, as always.

    took home some steaks from Dicksons and some fruits and veggies from Manhattan Fruit Exchange. their apples are the best. never had a bad one.

      1. Your family must be as big as the Duggars to eat all that. Love that your 13 yo has such a conviction about squid ink pasta! Manhattan kids are The Best.

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        1. re: thegforceny

          Duggars, not so much. Two girls (13, 12), one wife. My 70 lb youngest can eat with the best of them, especially steak.

          We actually live in Staten Island but dont hold it against me.

        2. I'm really impressed you braved the weekend crowds for so long! If i go weekends its a hit and run for what i need.... Sounds like you guys found some good eats!

          1. love sushi from lobster, its a staple to go. we ate the same as you at c&p and enjoyed it as well. that said, not a fan of anything else you mentioned. somebody mentioned ronnybrook, love them as well. i shop a lot at the exchange & italian market, but thats about it for me.

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            1. re: mrnyc

              The sushi is great indeed, but the menu is a little confusing. Chirashi bowl is $16 on the menu but if you sit at the counter they serve you a $26 or so bowl. Besides the soggy flavorless octopus, this bowl was one of the best things I ever ate at CM