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Feb 23, 2014 02:09 PM

Chinese In Tiajuana

I have business plans in TJ and am staying at the Hotel Ticuan. I would like to have a Chinese dinner and figuring that TJ has become updated such as the hotel, I would like some recommendations. Thanks

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  1. Wrong city. You need to be in Mexicali for Chinese.

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      Well give me a fighting chance, name some of them.

    2. Hugh, google 'Restaurantes Comida China Tijuana' (note spelling of Tijuana) and you'll come up with a long, long list. It's been many a year since I tried any of them--and wasn't impressed then--but people seem to like Chan's.

      And for a brief history of Chinese food in Mexico, read here:

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        Trip Advisor shows Chan's and some nice pictures. Another one that I picked up on the search was a place named Cat. What can you tell me about Cat, if anything?
        Thanks for the tip on Chan's and the link to the history.

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          I wish I could help you, Hugh, but as I mentioned, it's been a very long time since I've been to any of Tijuana's Chinese restaurants. My so-called information is at least 20 years out of date. The last Chinese place I ate in Tijuana was called Siglo XXI and the food was really bad.

          When you get back, please be sure to post your experiences here!


      2. There used to be some fantastic Chinese resto's and its been a long time for me as well but we used to go to a Chinese place across from the horse track that was very good.

        I can see it but not the name.
        Mision 19 gets lots of love as
        Erizo too.

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          I don't know what a long time is for you and Cristina but 33 years ago I used to go to a very good Chinese restaurant in the Palacio Azteca. I remember commenting to my then wife, "It's amazing to be sitting in Mexico, talking to a Chinese in Spanish about French Bordeaux wines". Now that's very long ago.

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            Thirty-three years ago, I was living in Tijuana with a group of women, including a first-generation Chinese woman, an extraordinary Chinese cook. I had been a chef in a Chinese restaurant in NYC, and we often cooked together at home.

            We were living on a shoestring, half a shoestring, and decided after three months that we would splurge and go out to eat Chinese. We sat in the restaurant and looked at the dismal menu. None of us spoke enough Spanish to ask about various dishes, but the Chinese woman got up and talked to the man who turned out to be the owner, using her Chinese to speak to him. He all but fell down: the dialect that she used was the same dialect that his grandparents spoke. The owner and my friend were born on opposite sides of the same small lake. He took our menus away and said he would prepare a special menu for us.

            I don't remember what-all we ate (except for one dish of spider-size baby squid), but at the end of the meal he refused to allow us to pay. "Family, family! Family does not pay!" he told my friend in their dialect.

            As we say in Spanish, "El mundo es un paƱuelo." Yep, a very small world. Hugh, thanks for jogging my memory.


        2. Here's a link to Trip Advisor reviews on Chinese restaurants in Tijuana and I am sorry to say that they are pretty dismal.

          I know of a decent Cantonese place in Primo Tapia that has been there for many years that is very serviceable, but not exciting, just a cafe with loyal local patronage, no decor and no bar, and it is located about forty miles outside Tijuana, down the coast so, I really don't think you want to drive that far.

          1. You have all done a very nice job for which I thank you. If I take the plunge and go to any of the Chinese restaurants in TJ, I'll report back.