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Feb 23, 2014 11:51 AM

The Melting Pot

I recently heard about this place from a friend and I was wondering what others who have gone there could tell me what they think about it?

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  1. Desperately overpriced, too precious other than as novelty dinner theater and much too slow to be enjoyable. Did I mention severely overpriced.

    1. It's a gimmick. My kids had fun with it. I can see it for a group for "girls' night." But, yeah, expensive for what it actually is (food and quality wise)

      1. It's very yummy. But to quote my husband... "I just spent $150 to cook my own damn dinner?".

        I do like it though. If you just do a cheese and dessert it's reasonable. But they push this 5 course thing and it's a fortune. There are lots of good copycat recipe sites that you can do at home for a romantic evening.

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          Thanks for the info - my girlfriend wants to celebrate her 50th with family here (hasn't been there before) so I'll share this with her. BTW: my husband would be saying the exact same thing ;)

        2. Melting Pot is a chain. We have several in the Philadelphia area (Warrington, King of Prussia). Personally not a fan but if you like seventies style fondue, its not bad. I do not like their dipping sauces, preferring more classic french like bernaise, bordelaise, hollandaise.

          1. Here's what you need to know;

            It's a others have mentioned. You cook your own food and honestly it's all boiled. How many times a week do you want to eat boiled meat/fish/veggies?

            It's overpriced and as others have mentioned. I often wonder, why do I have to pay so much when this place doesn't require a chef, or most kitchen staff??? Think about it if you have been there you know what I'm talking about.

            The local Health Boards make owners and managers of restaurants spend countless hours learning food handling and storage etc. Here the restaurant places plates of raw meat and seafood on your table, which has a stove top on it and pretty much says "Here's your food, take care, have fun, see you when your plates are empty" and leaves you there. Sure they warn you not to touch the raw food etc. but how many people really pay attention to warnings when they have a couple drinks in them. I've been shocked these places have been allowed to operated, allowing the patrons to be in control of the cooking, cross contamination etc. of their food. I would love to see a food poisoning statistic of these places vs. other restaurants.

            Ok the cheese appetizer and fondue are really f'n good!!!