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Jun 18, 2001 11:52 AM

"Newtown" (new bar/resto?)

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I heard a new bar/terrasse/resto/disco was just opened on the corner of Crescent and de Maisonneuve by a former Formula 1 driver. Just wanted to know if anyone has been to this place - what's the general verdict? Is the food good, or is the focus more on "see and be seen"? I'm generally wary of anything on Crescent or Peel Sts. due to past experiences. Any opinions appreciated!

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  1. w
    Warren H. Prince

    Well, I didn't stop in, but walked by today. It was packed around 4:00. Seemed to be a middle aged crowd....

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    1. re: Warren H. Prince

      Thanx for the update, Warren! We may give it a try (for one drink, anyway) next week.

    2. Hi-
      My husband and I just returned from Montreal and had lunch at Newtown. We had a fair sushi appetizer and entrees of Thai noodles with shrimp (me) and chicken (him). The entrees were quite good, but far from the best meal we have had in the city. It is definitely a "see and be seen" place. I would do lunch there again but probably not dinner.

      1. hi dont waste your time eating there it is overpriced and pure capital g ........... the club is outstanding

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        1. re: luigi

          It would be nice if a tourist could find the address for this place, as I've searched the telephone book and Internet, and all I see is info on Meyer sound. All I want is to go see this place. Can you tell us where you advertise and under what name. I also was told no name appears on the club itself because of the stringent language laws. Business might be better if advertising were better. Any ideas?