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Namu Korean Steakhouse in Scarsdale

They recently created a Facebook page and looks like they could be a few weeks from opening. Advertised as Korean steakhouse and bar. Anyone have any info?

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    1. I know the owner and I sent him an email. I'll respond back when he does, although he may be crazy busy with the renovation and future opening.

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        That's great. Keep us posted.

      2. Namu will be opening in the next few weeks.. In Scarsdale New York!

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        1. They had a soft opening on May 27th in the evening. I stopped by today to say hi.

          I do have to say that I know the owner and some of the staff from two restaurants I did bar/cocktail consulting to a year ago. So I can't comment on the food or drinks.

          They are literally working on their webpage right now and it should be up in a few days. I recommended they post the menu on their facebook page until then.


          1. Menu and website ready to go. Looking forward to trying this soon.


            1. Oh I am really disappointed by the menu. It looks very Americanized. No stews, which are the best thing in a Korean restaurant. I bet the beef in the bibimbop is cooked too. I was so hoping for a good nearby Korean restaurant

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                It's a "Modern" take on Korean. Done by Koreans who take their food seriously, but want to have fun too.

              2. Food is NOT even close to the palatable cuisines of the S. Korean...the squid is over cooked and bitter...the tacos is a overly LA...nothing original, unless you are ignorant to the geographical trends...good attempt but nothing compared to the other korean restaurants in the area such as Korea Garden which is a TRUE organic culinary and cultural experience. however, good bar seen...like every other bar in the area...with a touch of Asian... ;-)