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Feb 23, 2014 11:09 AM

Wild game meat in restaurants soon!!!

As read in La Presse today, the provincial governement will allow around 10 restaurants (including APDC, Toqué! and Joe Beef) to serve wild game on their menu. For more details:

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  1. First the old boys get the food trucks (remember what Laprise said about regulating who could run and own them!?), now they get this. elitism remains strong in Quebec.

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    1. re: Arktik

      They're the one who asked for it, what exactly did you expect? Explain us why this is elitism.

      And Laprise doesn't have anything to do with the Association des restaurateurs de rue du Québec, that was just his opinion on street food that he gave in an interview.

      1. re: Glaff

        Because this is what these boys do. They take something historically low brow and rough/manly, commercialize it and sell it for a gazillion bucks. And with the game meat only 10 restaurants get in on the goods.

        1. re: Arktik

          "They take something historically low brow and rough/manly"

          You're still talking about Normand Laprise?

          But yeah, like Simon Patrice said, it's called a projet pilote (like street food last year). How exactly would you have done it?

          1. re: Glaff

            No, obviously I was talking about the other two. Still, like i said, Laprises' stance on street food shows the same mentalité.

        2. re: Glaff

          Also, it's what we call in french a "projet pilote" so if it works well, more restaurants could serve wild game eventually. But the idea is also to respect hunting seasons, to monitor how many animals get killed, etc. So you don't want too many restaurants to be able to sell wid game.

          1. re: Simon Patrice

            I think the point Arktik is making is that the Quebec government chooses winners and losers in the marketplace. It's doing so here. You can (and do) give reasons why they make those choices; but it doesn't change that Quebec has chosen the winners.

            1. re: poutineguy

              They are letting these guys do the pilot project because they are the ones who were asking for it. Would you rather they had done this project with chefs who don't give a crap about cooking with game?

              1. re: SnackHappy

                I think it's a little bit silly to call it a "pilot project"... what's the criteria for success with this so-called experiment? Either it's legal to serve wild game in restaurants or it's not. I don't see what's wrong with farmed game though... I've eaten caribou, red deer, wild boar and plenty of other game meats in Quebec and I don't buy into claims that there would be any significant difference. I'd quickly side with the wildlife preservation stance on this one, but once the gov't is granting permits, it's unfair to give certain establishments a pass while restricting others. Btw, I've eaten moose and bear on fishing trips in the far north, and I don't think anyone's missing much.