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Feb 23, 2014 09:02 AM

Visitor looking for Good Craft Beer Sections

Second time to Boston (from a small town in NJ); this past May we stumbled into Boston Beer Works, near the Aquarium, which was ok, and now we'll be nearby again this April so I'm wondering if there anywhere else to go to/try instead? I'm thinking we should go to Harpoon at least once. I JUST learned of them. But is there anywhere that has mix? We particularly love places that have either local (within 200 miles) beer or make their own and have stouts and porters. We also liked Yard House near Fenway. Jsut wondering if there are others to seek out or not. Only thing is we're not IPA people. Thanks!

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  1. Redbones in Davis Sq Somerville has a great selection

    1. A little spendy, but if you wanted to hit all of the local breweries at once, you could take a Boston Brew Tour.

      (Even if you don't, their website has a list of many local breweries you could check out on your own). I'm a fan of the Night Shift and Idle Hands microbreweries over in Everett.

      1. Plenty of better places for you to try! Stoddard's, Lord Hobo, and Deep Ellum are my favorite "craft beer bars." If you are looking for a restaurant with an awesome beer program, Row34 would be my pick, but their selection isn't particularly local, other than they usually have beers from Trillium. And if you just want to visit some breweries, Night Shift offers full pours (a rarity in Boston), Trillium and Mystic offer tasters and growler fills, and Cambridge Brewing Co has a food menu.
        For the "not IPA" folks, locally, I usually recommend Mystic's beers, mostly regional spins on saison style beers, with their Table beer being my absolute favorite from them. But since you specifically mentioned stouts and porters, my picks would be Night Shift's Taza Stout, Slumbrew's Porter Square Porter (both made with chocolate produced by Somerville's Taza) and Pretty Thing's Babayaga.

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          Great list, I'll add anything from Jack's Abby esp. if you can get your hands on some barrel-aged Framinghammer.

          1. re: phatchris

            Solid call on all the BA Framinghammer variants, I excluded them from my list because I think it's extremely unlikely that anyone will be able to find them out in the wild in April, bottles or draft. I know Fairsted Kitchen got a keg of the Vanilla, and Row34 got Coffee, but other than that, even just one month after their release, I haven't seen them anywhere.

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              The Barrleman in Marblehead has the BA Framinghammer on now, to be honest didn't even realize the op was coming in April.

          2. of course you probably would want to try the Sunset Grill, which has a huge selection of local beers and everything from around the world as well.


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              Too many options, not enough good (let alone great) options, and no care for the beer. There's nothing you would order there that you couldn't find elsewhere fresher, and at the right temperature.

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                I guess we will agree to disagree about it. I'm not claiming it's gourmet food, but it's perfectly good, and I've always enjoyed my meals there, along with the beer.

            2. Row 34's beer list makes me cream my pants a little bit. And, as mentioned previously, they serve Trillium.

              If you go to Cambridge the Lord Hobo-CBC-Meadhall crawl can be nice.

              To add something new- I'll toss out Publick House