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Feb 23, 2014 06:18 AM

Great place for birthday dinner with a 5 and 2 year old

I'm looking for a nice restaurant, not a chain, to celebrate my husband's birthday. He loves all kinds of food and wants really good dessert. We'd love a place that's family friendly and close to Capitol Hill.

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  1. Oyamel or Zatinya. Nice enough for a celebration but kid-friendly and loud enough to mask kid noise. Went to lunch at Oyamel a while back and could not believe how many kids were there.

    1. Not a whole lot on Capitol Hill springs to mind unless you are willing to go more casual (although still delicious) at Ted's Bulletin (nothing says birthday like an adult milkshake right?). I've also heard that Zest is family-friendly and I've liked the few meals I've had there.

      If you are willing to go off the Hill I would check out The Hamilton or if you go on the earlier side maybe Central (awesome desserts and some dishes that are child friendly enough if you a) have well-behaving kids with b) willing to try anything palettes.

      1. Acadiana was amazingly accommodating with our 2 year old during a recent brunch. Had a great "entertainment pack" for him, nice kid's menu, and were nothing but graceful when he dropped and broke a bowl (a first for him that we're hoping not to repeat).

        I've really found that most places, excepting those that bill themselves as "quiet and romantic," are fine with well-behaved children. Our toddler has accompanied us a number of times without major incident to places all over town like Blue Duck, Art & Soul, Bombay Club, various thinkfoodgroup spots, etc.

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          Did you go to the Bombay Club for brunch? I've been wondering if it was kid-friendly but have found that Indian restaurants are often too quiet.

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            No, actually it was dinner last night. There was another table with two slightly older children (quite happily occupied on iphones or ipods for most of the meal, I observed). Having live piano music makes the space a little louder than most of the "spoon drop" quiet Indian spots like you mention. The table next to us was a party of four adults and I think they were generally louder with their normal conversation and laughter than we were!

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              You could always go to's NEVER quiet there. haha