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Feb 23, 2014 06:01 AM

any suggestions for restaurants on upper west side that hold Passover Seders?

suggestions for restaurants on UPWS that hold Passover Seder

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    1. My Most Favorite Food is very popular with observant Jews, and it goes big for all the major holidays. Place gets terrible reviews on Yelp, but for what it's worth, I live above it and can confirm it is always, always crowded.

      Grill 212 is much more well-regarded, from what I can tell, but I'm not sure of its holiday offerings.

      1. Saw this sign today at the Fairway Café

        1. Talia's Steakhouse. ($85 includes the bad red wine.. ) It is the real thing. You need to pay in advance, they will not process money on a holiday. They run a seder for the full place.

          Telepan ($95 without wine) does a much more casual thing. You run your own seder at your own table

          I don't know what is the story about Fairway but presume the food is good. Prob more they Telepan model than Talias.

          There is no assurance that the places on 72nd WSt My Most Favorite Food and Mikes Bistro are even open. Since they are Glatt Kosher it is a huge job to do Passover

          There may be seders at temples...

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            I would be hesitant about Talia's. We were there on a regular Saturday night and the service was terrible. The people at the table next to us even left because they got tired of waiting. They were out of a number of dishes, including french fries!! I never heard of a restaurant being out of french fries before. Also, entrees were not served at the same time. I would say there was a 20 minute gap between the time the first person and last person at our table received his/her entree. The food was okay, as I recall, but we would not return because the atmosphere was much too chaotic. I am not sure what it would be like for a Seder though.

            1. re: oceans

              Well, Talia's may be a disaster at regular times... but the menu is set for Passover...
              If you want a restaurant on the UWS that runs a Seder it is pretty much the only choice. If you want to run your own Seder and have appropriate food served there are other choices...
              Indeed, some may find that chaos at the table reminds them of family meals...

              1. re: dyrewolf

                I went to Talia's once a few years back. Was overall very disappointing, I would definitely not return. But, from what I can tell it is one of the few options out there that is a real seder.

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