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Jun 7, 2001 07:31 PM

Montreal "exotica" for Keith K and other NYC gringos

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I'm not sure how comprehensive a list this is,(and I am a New Yorker) but you should enjoy some good grub, anyway:

Chalet or Rotisserie Laurier for Montreal style rotisserie "BBQ" Chicken: These places (and many others like them) serve rotisserie birds with a kind of bbq sauce/gravy for dipping that is unheard of in New York. The fries are also excellent, and you can get a "hot chicken" sandwich, which is also a Quebec rotisserie-based specialty. Rotisserie Laurier is on Laurier (which also has excellent French Canadian yellow split pea soup) in Outremont, and Chalet is somewhere in Fairmont on Sherbrooke Street (?) I think.

Cretons (pork "pate"), feves (killer baked beans), pate saumon (salmon pie), and other examples of Quebec soul food can be found at the Binerie Montreal, address not handy right now, but everyone seems to know where it is. Off of Rue Dt. Denis.

And don't miss the roast beef/steak tavern "Magnan" on Rue St. Patrick, one of many places north of the border where the menu features Buffalo Wings, Escargots, Steak au Poivre and perhaps a pogo (corn dog) all at once. The roast beef is awesome.



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