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Feb 22, 2014 10:28 PM

The Bun Shop - K-Town

At First and Western, right across the street from Beer Garden is a place called the Bun Shop. It opened a few weeks ago in the space formerly occupied by King Hot Dog They mostly serve puffy buns folded with fillings. This is a much better version than the ones found at Take A Bao

Dommy and I tried a Tomato-katsu, a chicken Katsu and a spicy Pork. they come 2 to an order with sides plus you can get their Chego like seasons fries for $2 extra Both Katsus were fried damn near perfectly and the buns just needed a little something which was solved by adding the Sriracha which was on the table. the spice Pork was decent as well.

We also aded a side of Kimchi Fried Rice which inexplicably came in a enclosed box. you may want to open it when you get to the table so the fried egg doesn't overcook.

What the meal really needed was a beer to go with it, They are apparently working on their ABC Application so someday it would be a nice place to get a beer and noshes.

151 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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  1. Looks like the fried rice is meant to be a dosirak. Maybe close & shake?

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      Chrishei, you're right. That is what it was called on the menu. Dommy kept referring to it as kimchi fried rice. Until now, I didn't know the difference.

    2. Went tonight!!

      $7.50 for 2 buns and a or $10.00 for 3 buns and a side of either edamame (lightly vinegared) or macaroni salad.

      I had the beef and the spicy pork buns. The pork was nice and spicy, not really hot, with pickled cucumber and green onion.

      The beef was like bulgogi topped with a a battered onion straw.

      GF had the BBQ pork belly, had a pickled cucumber slice and was topped with a light cole slaw. Couldn't believe how tender the meat was.

      The chicken katsu was perfectly fried. Panko breading was nicely crispy. Korean chick-fil-a :-)

      The EPIC part of the meal: They have this side dish called 'Ba'corn cheese. Dear Lord. Don't know what's in it besides corn, bacon and cheese (probably butter) baked in a cast iron pan. I would eat an entire casserole.

      BTW, this place is owned by Steven Yeun, Glen from Walking Dead, and his brother.