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Visiting Paris - restaurant recommendations needed in the 15th


In the 15th, for someone based at a hotel near rue Brancion and rue de Vouillé
[Saint-Lambert area, not far from Metro Convention station],
what restaurants are noteworthy?

All cuisines, any meal daypart (breakfast, lunch, dinner), all price ranges, from inexpensive and upward.

Looking for above-average local places to go when, say, the weather is inclement and don't want to venture more than, say, a 4 km radius.


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  1. In the 15th my favorite is Au Dernier Metro at 70 Blvd de Grenelle. Not expensive and very informal...a locals' place that hasn't disappointed me.

      1. If you want updated traditional food in a neighborhood setting where there is a good chance you won't hear English spoken, try La Dirigeable. It was our "local" for a number of years. Head waiter (now owner?) Guy spent time in San Francisco and can discuss the menu and wines. Nothing earth shaking but solid. Enjoyed the best thick cut rare liver here, on bed of creamed spinach. Menu changes daily so little chance of a repeat.

        37 rue d'Alleray
        Reservations absolutely necessary Fri and Sat.

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          Bad news, Mangeur. Le Dirigeable is no more. New name (Deuz), new owners, new chef. I don't know what happened to your guy Guy or to the old chef Franck. But did have a meal there a few weeks ago... same cadre, similar cuisine... not as good as before but pretty decent and still a good bistro du quartier.

          1. re: Parnassien

            While we are guilty of abandoning ship, I am heartbroken to lose such old friends. And Guy had my (our) heart. If you are curious, the girlfriend/partner of the chef used to be involved in little Vin de Soif wine bar at 24 rue Pierre Leroux. I would be much interested in the story as well as where these two good guys are.

            1. re: mangeur

              I'm scuba diving in Oman at the mo but will investigate when I get back to Paris.

              1. re: Parnassien

                Be safe.

                I do hope you run into Guy. You would adore him. He is the consummate professional, efficient, knowledgeable, honest, droll.

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                  COOL, neater than a lot of my travels.
                  They sell in bags a very neat cinnamon tea, if you find, try it. l normally am not too strong on cinnamon.

          2. A chowhound favorite close to you is "Grand Pan". The search function should give you a bit of information about it.

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              As Laidback implies and chompchomp said, the 15th is full of great places; do a bit of searching. You'll be very pleased. My latest favorite, now "discovered" by the Michelin, is Le Pario http://johntalbottsparis.typepad.com/...

            2. A marvelous bakery called Pichard on the rue Cambronne. Prize winning croissants as well as breads and savory pastries. Call for the hours before you go-they seem quite irregular to me but are characteristic of the neighborhood. Walk around a bit -there are lots of food store worth looking at..

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                Also, there is a Pierre Herme outpost and Du Gateaux et du Pain nearby.

                1. re: Nancy S.

                  Well, if we're getting into non-restaurant orgasms, I have to plug my not-so-secret obsession, Aux Merveilleux de Fred.

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                    And, I'd have to add that there are seven open air markets in the 15th, our favorite being
                    GRENELLE (outdoor market)
                    Boulevard de Grenelle, between rue de Lourmel and rue du Commerce, 75015 Paris.
                    La Motte-Piquet Grenelle (lines 6, 8, 10), Dupleix (line 6).
                    Wed., 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.; Sun., 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

                  2. re: pammi

                    Hours are really regular, but they are one of the few left who close for lunch @ 1-4/4:30 daily

                  3. I really appreciate the distinct replies thus far.

                    I looked into Le Dirigeable after reading Mangeur's post and I intended to go...but I'm disappointed to read about the change in personnel reported by Parnassien.

                    Des Gâteaux et du Pain is also on my radar...I'll be there when the doors open for a warm chausson aux pommes.

                    It seems like Le Grand Pan (20 rue Rosenwald) and Le Belisaire (2 rue Marmontel) are the two closest to my base on rue Brancion. If there are any sleepers in that niche of the 15th not already mentioned, I'm all ears.

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                    1. re: JBinOC

                      Le Belisaire has lovely food and a lovely vibe. I'll even go across town to eat there.

                    2. I've already given LOTS of recs in:

                      For your part of the 15th, my short list would be:
                      le Grand Pan on the rue Rosenwald (less than 5-min walk from you)... modern bistro fare with roots in southwest France from a chef with a great feel for the terroir, seasons and the best suppliers... closed Saturday and Sunday;
                      l'Essential on the rue d'Alésia (10 minute walk or 2-minute hop on the #62 bus from the even-numbered side of the rue de Vouillé ) in the 14th... a neo-brasserie open every day from 7am to midnight so good for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or just hanging out... unfussy updated classic cuisine... small terrace... incredible value;
                      la Cantine du Troquet on the rue de l'Ouest (less than 15-minute walk) in the 14th... superb southwestern French cuisine from one of my favourite celebrity chefs (and mentor of the chef at le Grand Pan) ... no rezzies so get there early (7ish for dinner and noon for lunch) or late (after 9:30pm for dinner and 1:30 for lunch) for no-waits ... closed Sun + Mon.

                      Although not my flavour of the month, others love le Bélisaire on the rue Marmontel/ rue d'Alleray ... and indeed quite an agreeable place with a great price-quality ratio and steady traffic from the Cordon Bleu school around the corner... and just a 5-min walk from your hotel so why not ?

                      The same goes for the Restaurant du Marché on the rue Dantzig.... market-based classic cuisine by a traditionalist chef... not one of my faves but others like it a lot.

                      On Tue + Thu + Sun mornings, there's a good but not exceptional outdoor market on the rue de la Convention between the rues Abbé Groult and Alain Chartier... less than a 5-min walk... a bit dull during the winter months but starts revving up in the spring... usually half a dozen stalls selling plats cuisinés for eating back in your hotel or the delightful Parc Georges Brassens.

                      Boulangeries/ pâtisseries
                      le Moulin de la Vierge on the rue Vercingétorix in the 14th (just on the other side of the rairoad tracks from you in the 15th)... 10-min walk from rues Brancion & Vouillé intersection ...shop is classified as a historic monument... products are good (especially the small tarte tatins and some of the breads);
                      Maison Pichard on the rue Cambronne @ rue Lecourbe... about 1 km from your hotel but you can save your footsies by hopping on the the #89 bus from the Brancion-Vouillé stop on the odd-numbered side of the rue Brancion to the Cambronne-Vaugirard stop and for return (almost door to door) from Cambronne-Lecourbe stop on the even-numbered side of rue Cambronne to Brancion-Vouillé... award-winning breads and croissants;
                      Laurent Duchêne at 105 rue de la Convention.... 5-min walk from your hotel... fab --and expensive-- non-trad pastries but often no or a very limited choice of breads;
                      Quartier du Pain at 270 rue de Vaugirard.... small local artisanal chain... 10-minute walk

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                      1. re: Parnassien

                        Thank you very much for this invaluable overview. I will report back when I return home.

                        1. re: Parnassien

                          We should share one of the petit tarte tatin at Moulin a la Vierge, my fave in Paris on Rue Vercinatorix, short walk from Place de Vanves, part of my Saturday routine.

                        2. "Restaurant du Marché on the rue Dantzig"
                          My last meal was not like I used to get there.

                          1. @jbinoc or anyone else who's been in the 15th lately would love an update--staying in a cute airbnb on rue de la croix nivert: may19th--23rd (hoping to blow the savings on great restos et patisseries in the hood)

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                            1. re: sohony

                              Another Hound and I recently enjoyed a quite decent dinner at L'Antre Amis on rue Bouchut, east of Place de Breteuil and north of metro Sevres Lecourbe. Rifs on classics. Pleasant room and service.
                              (Shown: beef cheeks)


                              1. re: mangeur

                                brilliant: merci beaucoup mangeur--please keep 'em coming y'all!

                              2. re: sohony

                                Where exactly on the rue de la Croix Nivert ? It's a very long street and not very exciting walking territory.

                                Heartily agree with L'Antre Amis but will be difficult to get to it if you are on the outer stretch of r Croix Nivert.

                                A place I often forget to recommend: La Véraison on the r Croix Nivert @ rue du Théâtre near Square Lambert... a new style bistro du quartier... but surprisingly popular with tourists because of Tripadvisor hype... closed Sun + Mon. And in the same area, Le Cristal de Sel on the rue Mademoiselle @ rue Croix Nivert.... again, a modern-ish bistro du quartier much favoured by the local trendies...and the chef does his own line of home-made confiture which I buy at every opportunity.

                                Just to reiterate from previous threads, the Maison Pichard on the rue Cambronne @ r Lecourbe is probably your closest quality boulangerie for fab bread and pastries... but all depends on where your place is.

                                1. re: Parnassien

                                  @parnassien: thanks for the precision advice--excuse my crappy geography! address is 203 rue croix nivert, by rue théodore deck, almost a mile from your boulangerie maison pichard reco--so we might need a fabulous early morning boulangerie option. la crystal du sel looks a bit nearer (1/2 a mile or so) but i hope we didn't commit too soon & dive into a desert! (EDITED after checking earlier parnassian posts). HA i see we're pretty near to 'l'Accent Corse' et 'les trois garcons" but please keep suggestions coming. ++of course i know we have all of paris to choose from but i'm a great believer in keeping it in the neighborhood on short visits like this one (4 days). mme soho & i have been to paris many times & there have been flurries of tourist action (and even the occasional working trip) but i really like to discover cities in this patchwork-y way when i know i'll be back a lot. finally, to echo the previous chowhounder (winefuhrer) who many of you helped so kindly, we're also in the bib gourmand attitude zone, tho this is a more special trip than normal, as it's our 10th wedding anniversary & we're going back (for the first time) to the chateau near alencon where we got married--ch st paterne. thanks again everyone!

                                  1. re: sohony

                                    Besides the great restaurant suggestions from Parnassien, I'll add one of my favorites, Jadis, practically across the street from you!

                                    1. re: mangeur

                                      I'll add my vote for Jadis. And for Afaria (where the Dans les Landes guys were spawned) just around the corner on the rue Desnouettes... table d'hôte Basque tapas or à la carte and Basque conviviality (and why oh why are Basques so fun-loving ?). And almost across the street from Afaria, Le Vingt 2 wine bar.

                                      Despite being so far out (and just 500 metres from the Périphérique), you are pretty well fixed for restos in what is an otherwise dull neighbourhood. Shopping may be a bit more difficult but the Tue, Thu & Sun open-air market on the rue de la Convention might be sort of convenient. And a few pastries from Laurent Duchêne at 238 rue Convention are probably worth the the 1-km stroll (or pedal if you get a Vélib bike).

                                      BTW, John Talbott had a disastrous time at Sunday lunch at Les Trois Garçons on the rue Javel. Not a time I've ever been but does seem that Sunday mid-day should be avoided. It's still THE hangout café for the area's trendies and I continue to enjoy my occasional visits there with friends who live in the neighbourhood.

                                      1. re: Parnassien

                                        thanks to you both, mangeur et parnassien: have just booked jadis on the fourchette for wednesday 21st. LOVE basque food--agree--being there or just eating at a real basque place is always fun! really appreciate the open air market recco also--we have a small apt with a kitchen & a lovely view of the park--it will be great to eat there a bit too!

                                        1. re: sohony

                                          To clarify, Jadis (literally once or formerly) serves updated, superbly prepared old fashioned food. Afaria is Basque. You won't go wrong at either.

                                          1. re: mangeur

                                            mangeur. thanks. got that--checked out the jadis menu on their site. havent booked anything else yet. will be playing it by ear & not trying to cram too much into a few days. ++ it turns out that a wonderful parisienne pal of ours will be dog-sitting 450 m away for a few days while we're there!
                                            psyched for our trip--& grateful for everyone's helpful suggestions!!

                                            1. re: sohony

                                              thanks again everyone for all your help: arrived y/day at our place in the 15th--it was a lovely evening so we decided to walk to an old favourite of ours, le christine, on rue christine in the 6th. perhaps 3 miles each way, creating quite an appetite for the delicious menu gourmand we bought in advance on la fourchette (resto charges 65e + 25e for wine pairings but going thro the fork gets you the wine pairings--which were very good, for free. seems appropriate to go thro the fork as le christine has a big fork for a door handle and an even bigger one above the door. anyway please can i crave your forbearance for one more question: mme soho is craving the perfect steak tartare for this evening, someplace local (we're at 203 rue de la croix nivert) and very casual, where we wont need a reservation or feel like we need to eat all that much. any suggestions? on the reco of this wonderful board (thanks again!) we're going to bistro jadis tomorrow night with some great friends who are flying in from helsinki. but tonight can be much more laid back--it's all about the steak tartare ;)

                                              1. re: sohony

                                                You can try Le Vingt 2 around the corner from you on the rue Desnouettes... wine bar with eats... never tried the tartare myself but it seems to be a popular item... opens at 7:30 for dinner.

                                                1. re: Parnassien

                                                  thanks for the reco, parnassien--the tartare was fabulous with a 5e glass of excellent bourgogne rouge--great value & and generously poured. we also had a beautifully cooked piece of salmon on some chopped beets that had been cooked in a beef bouillon. the bistro was packed as well it should be. good thing we made a reservation on la forchette. a little warm inside but they still managed to make everyone very happy...

                                                    1. re: sohony

                                                      So nice of you to report back and to share you happy moment.
                                                      Meanwhile, the OP who said he would report back must have got lost on the way home. :)

                                                      1. re: Parigi

                                                        Maybe we should have "good poster" ratings earned got giving feedback. Lots of sites now use the "social media reputation" as a measure of reliability - maybe Chowhound should - I may suggest it.

                                                        1. re: PhilD

                                                          Chowhound: the future. Barely advanced from the 1990s, straight to the 2020s!