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Feb 22, 2014 08:42 PM

help! date night dinner!!

Hi! First time posting here. Me and my husband are wanting a date night next month and we had thought about gas monkey bar n grill in Dallas but I've seen horrible reviews on how food isn't great but scenery was nice...I want to find a new place that we will love that's got a romantic feel to it but not to fancy with really good food I mean delicious lol we are about to leave Texas in month and I wanna have a real good date night since it will be our last date here in Texas for ism how long and I wanna enhi y it!! Thanks a lot :)

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  1. Sorry the last part was supposed to be ..our last date night here in Texas for IDK how long and I want to ENJOY it!!

    1. Well this is an Austin board but I had lunch at Craft in Dallas it was super good and the waiter was really good.

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        What kind of restaurant was it food wise? Looking for something very yummy and maybe a little romantic

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          I believe it's in the W. It's American cuisine. Check out the menu. The guy who owns it is famous, he judges Top Chef. That aside the food was really good.

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              You are correct. They are closed. Damn shame food was really good but it appeared tibia that downtown Dallas was a ghost town. We were the only people on the restaurant.

      2. are you asking for a restaurant in Austin, Dallas, or anywhere in Texas?

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