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Feb 22, 2014 06:34 PM

Something shaking at old Gold Mountain premises. George Chen connection? [San Francisco]

Walking by the former Gold Mountain Restaurant premises (644 Broadway), I noticed an ABC notice of license transfer posted. The new licensee is an entity called "China Live" and the applicant was listed as Cynthia April Wong.

The kicker here is that Cynthia April Wong also happens to be the name of the wife of George Chen, of Betelnut, Shanghai 1930 and Xanadu fame.

It's a Type 47 license, full liquor license for a bona fide eating place.

Anybody have any further intelligence on this?

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  1. Whoa!

    "Plans are underway for restaurateur George Chen to convert the former Gold Mountain restaurant on Broadway into an upscale Chinese food emporium similar to New York’s Italian food hall, Eataly."

    More here:

    "The time has come to announce George is in contract with a prominent space in the heart of San Francisco to create and develop his legacy project. This will be ~25,000 SQF premise that will be ground-breaking concept for Chinese/Asian culinary arts. Think of it as a Chinese 'Eataly' as in an immense food emporium with live 'theatrical cooking stations' that also serve food a la a haute food court. Upstairs, there will be super fine-dining establishment called Eight Tables by George Chen serving a seasonal multi-course prix fixe menu that will be at the cutting edge of Chinese cuisine. As in the name, there will only 8 tables served each evening."

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    1. re: soupçon

      Kudos for finding the scoop in a high school newspaper! (Very well done, I might add! He even spelled "restaurateur" correctly!)

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I was amazed that it has escaped the attention of Eater SF, Inside Scoop, Tablehopper, etc. Pretty major development, if you ask me.

        Robert missed mentioning the not-so-secret move by Betty Louie to install Brandon Jew in the Four Seas space when they move out, though.

        1. re: soupçon

          I was about to ask how Brandon Jew is juggling the Chinatown project with his responsibilities with Chino. But I see I missed this announcement that he's now focused full time on his upcoming spot in Chinatown.

            1. re: slew

              Would he have found that article without Chowhound pointing him to it?

        2. re: soupçon

          Interestingly, references to George Chen's proposed Chinese "Eataly" legacy project have been removed from his proifile. The mission statement is still visible in a cached version, however:

          Perhaps Chen is not ready to announce his "Chinese Eataly" or is changing the concept. In any event, the posting of the liquor license transfer notification (just one week ago) indicates he (or his wife) is moving forward with something at the site.

        3. Another mention of the Brandon Jew project at the old Four Seas, maybe no new information:

          Some more about 644 Broadway: