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Feb 22, 2014 05:59 PM

Did I steal this Paella Pan

13.5 inches 4,5 lbs marked "Mauviel France"

for $15.90 I grabbed it from the thrift store shelf and ran out of there like a thief - the words Mauviel, France and the appearance of copper were enough to make me not think too much.

All the Mauviel Copper Paella pans I can find on google are SS lined this is definitely tinned which Is less desirable?. Am I missing something - I totally stole this right? the tinning seems to be a bit messed up (wrinkled at the edges) but otherwise it looks like someone used it a few times got sad that use discolored it and put it away.

I hate the little brassy handles but I still think I got a deal here? Am I missing something?

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    1. Copper pans were tinned for a long time before SS. Tin wears out faster but they can be re-tinned. Yup - you stole it.

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        Yup again...nice catch. Even with the price of re tinning it would be a good deal. However, with care re tinning will be far, far in the future. I have tinned pans coming up on forty years of regular use. Buy a two dollar wood spatula and fall in love with butter and good cooking oils. Mmmm

      2. Hi, JTP:

        Very fine score. You could easily have paid 10x more and still done well. You basically paid 1/2 the price of scrap copper for a very nice pan in great shape. I'm jealous.

        Folks call this a paella pan, but is is much more versatile. Think of it as a large skillet--this: a skillet is as a rondeau:saute.


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          Yay! Sometimes I get excited about stuff only to be let down when I do my research (hello breville blender ;( ) but i thought this was a definite score - This is now the fanciest pan in my mix - but with the benefit of being pre-scratched and cheaply acquired, so no reservations about digging in and cooking with it. I am excited to put it to work, I think its first dish will be a Hazan scallop recipe I am planning on making.

          Definitely needs to be more versatile than a paella pan as i make paella approximately never. I assume I will get most out of it as a stove top skillet than using in the oven. Love the size, hate the handles but I can work around that easily enough.

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            Hi, JTP:

            The handles mean it will fit in your oven.


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              "approximately never" : very clever.

              The tin is nearly perfect. It will naturally discolor and become dark with use, and will develop mild surface irregularities with normal use.

              Some tin-lined copper rules:

              1. Don't pre-heat the pan empty on the stove. At a minimum, put in a layer of butter or oil on the bottom when turning on the flame, or the food you intend to cook. Heating it totally empty can melt the tin and ruin the lining.

              2. Use wooden or silicone cooking utensils, because metal utensils will scrape the hot tin and ruin the lining.

              3. In general, get used to using somewhat lower heat settings on your stovetop with this pan. The copper will conduct heat so well, that the same effect you get on HIGH with a steel or iron pan is achievable with a MED or MED-HIGH setting with this pan.

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                Thank You! I am sure I will have some learning curve - I have some small copper saucepans but they are thinner walled and really only get used for liquids. I hope to use this pan frequently (what's the point otherwise) so tips on proper use are helpful - before i do something bad to it LOL.

          2. Really don't know much about your find, but I'm a total thrift store junkie and have made some amazing finds at Good Will! Found a square, LeCreuset grill pan... blue enamel exterior in PERFECT shape (no chips or nicks) and only minor schmutz between ridges of interior. Easily cleaned up and a "steal" for $4.99... over $100 brand new and this pan looked barely/rarely used. Found a "vintage", faded yellow, KA stand mixer... with bowl, dough hook, paddle & whisk. Ran just fine. Almost snoozed and lost?? Was gonna pass, since I already had a basic, tilt model, and this old thing was $39.99. When I noticed color of tag meant half price, it came right home with me. Found extra bowl a few weeks later.

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              I love thrift stores for cooking equipment - Made it possible to really expand my batterie without spending much money - some great quality stuff can be found for pennies on the dollar and then if I don't like it, no tears, move it along. LC is always a great find but I do dream of finding a KA mixer! that is awesome. I could never afford to have equipped my kitchen with so much high quality stuff and have such a variety of types styles and materials if I bought new. I always have a new toy.

            2. Nice! You could use it for tarte Tatin or a gratin, maybe even cassoulet (but it's a bit shallow for that).