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Feb 22, 2014 05:29 PM

What would you have done?

Mrs. Potato and I had to spend the past week in Des Moines so to pass the time, we spent yesterday at the Amana Colonies. We truly enjoyed most of our visit but lunch was a bitter disappointment. The restaurant we chose was one of the original buildings which started life as a communal kitchen. We eagerly looked forward to our meal considering that the building has been used for food service for over 150 years, which only increased our incredulity when the beef gravy was canned, the Schnitzel was frozen, and the Spaetzle was precooked and greasy. Our only relief was that we ordered the $13 lunch portions rather than the $16 dinner portions.
We finished our meal and payed the bill without a word to the staff, but what would you have done? Would you have expressed your disappointment to the staff?

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  1. Not if I was just there for a short while. Consider it part of the experience.

    1. Was the staff friendly and welcoming? Were the portions big? Then you got a midwest touristy experience.

      I'd do what you are doing -- Make the best of it, post your review on the Great Plains board, and warn other 'Hounds off.

      1. Sounds like a typical tourist trap! Nah, I wouldn't bother saying anything, happens to the best of us.

        1. That's too bad. I've eaten at several incarnations of the restaurants at the Shaker Village in Canterbury NH (I know it's not the same group). It's always been freshly-prepared food inspired by, or directly cooked from, the original Shaker recipes, and it's always been memorable in the best possible way. IMO, the meals served at historic sites should reflect what the inhabitants produced, prepared, and consumed. It's part of the reason for visiting these places. Otherwise they could just have a fast food franchise or snack bar.

          1. no.
            it's sort of what i expect to be served at a tourist destination in that part of the country.
            anything better would have been a wonderful surprise.