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Feb 22, 2014 04:25 PM


Popped into to the new sandwich shop WHIZ today for lunch. This is a new place by the Beer Belly crew and is right around the corner from BB on 6th St. (they opened for biz earlier this week). As reflected in the name, they are featuring Philly cheesesteaks.

It's a small storefront with some tables on the sidewalk outside (no indoor seating). I picked up a WHIZ WIT to go as they were doing a brisk business and all of the tables were full (and I only live a couple of blocks away so I thought it wouldn't get too soggy/steamed in the wrapper). it was a solid cheesesteak. About the same price as BOO's, but I would give WHIZ an edge on flavor. The sandwich also had a tad more meat than Boo's.

They also have a couple of burgers, hot sandwiches, hoagies, wings and loaded up fries (with things like cheese, onions & bacon on them). Unfortunately, no beer--just soft drinks. Maybe you could carry a sandwich over to Beer Belly and get the best of both worlds. I haven't tried anything else on the menu yet, but a really good addition to the neighborhood.

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    1. Sounds like it might be worth checking out. Thanks for the report.

      Have you tried Figueroa Philly by USC? I found that much better than Boo's...

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      1. re: set0312

        No, I haven't tried Figueroa Philly yet. But I do think the original Boo's on Virgil is better than the Ktown one. Also, as a side note---WHIZ delivers and they are doing some sort of curbside pick-up (there was a sign on the parking lot behind the shop) which is also a +.

      2. Went today. Got regular cheese with whiz + onions, and the jalapeƱo steak with pepperjack whiz.

        Pepperjack whiz should've had more kick to it. Kind of a letdown.

        Over all, it was just OK for me. Not bad, but not really something I am longing to have again.

        The best thing was probably the Mega Fries which are crinkle-cut, and served with mozzarella, provolone, whiz and a ton of applewood-smoked bacon. Very tasty, and an interesting combination of cheeses that congealed beautifully.

        There's only three outside tables, and no bathroom for customers, so beware of that.

        Basically, if you're in the area and need a simple cheesesteak, or some great tricked out crinkle-cut fries, it's a nice place to stop in. Not a destination spot though.

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        1. re: BacoMan

          No not a destination spot. But us ktown folks can use a place to get a sandwich or burger. One can't live on kbbq alone ;) . I'm hoping that the Italian hogie and one of the burgers will be decent

          1. re: LAgirl2

            Yeah, sure. I would be interested in trying to bacon ball sub another time maybe.

            It's not a bad neighborhood addition overall. Though a little funny to me since I always think bulgogi is kind of the better version of cheesesteaks haha

          2. re: BacoMan

            I am intrigued by the good fries bc imo the fries at Fig Philly and Boo's are terrible. It would be nice to actually have good fries with my sandwich.

            1. re: set0312

              Well, think of them liked amped up del taco fries.

              Not the best I've ever had in a Platonic sense, but a good version of crinkle-cut fries, not too floppy, or too crispy, with just the kind amount of smokey bacon and congealed cheese coating them.

              I would honestly skip the cheesesteak in favor of them next time, or maybe just ask if I could get the steak on the fries...and maybe be devilish and shoot some sriracha on there!

              1. re: set0312

                I don't recall that the fries at Fig Philly were all that bad, not that they were all that good either, but, I so agree with the fries at Boo's which are weird. They taste like they have some kind of coating on them or something. Regarding the cheesesteaks at Fig Philly and Boo's, I find them both good but, not outstanding.

            2. I was in the mood for a cheese steak yesterday so I popped over to Whiz. Well the sandwich was not nearly as good as the one that I got opening week. The meat was chopped too fine (the consistency of loose ground beef), the balance of whiz to beef was way off and my sandwich was totally soggy by the time I got it home. Way too much juice/grease. All-in-all it was a sticky yucky goopy drippy mess that didn't have the beefy-ness of my original sandwich. I think they need to work on their quality control. In the mean time, it looks like I'll be back @ Boo's next time the whiz wit urge hits (their sandwiches have been very consistent at both locations).

              1. I wonder when The Cheesesteak Factory will open up...

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