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Feb 22, 2014 04:23 PM

Source for ORGANIC Sourdough bread?

I LOVE sourdough bread (I am from SF). I really like Bread et Cie sourdough bread, but it is not organic. Does anyone know a good sourdough that is organic?

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  1. Charlie's site says they use organic ingredients:

    I can't tell you if it's good because I make my own. :)

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    1. Costco on Morena sells a three pack of vacuum sealed parbaked (8 minutes at 425) all organic sourdough (about $8 for the 3 pack). Made by Essential Baking.

      It does not need refrigeration and can be frozen if close to its expiration date (which, when I bought it two weeks ago, is dated 6/24/14). We call it our 'earthquake bread'.

      Costco also sells an organic rosemary bread in a two pack also made by Essential Baking. It's wonderful to have a fresh loaf of bread whenever you want.

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      1. re: Cathy

        I saw that for the first time today! How is the flavor?

        1. re: foodiechick

          **Really** good. Baking only 8 minutes and perfect fresh, lightly crusty with a soft interior. Even having it the next day (I do toast it) it is just quality bread.

          I bought the rosemary before Christmas and gave the two loaf packs to friends as gifts. Hadn't seen the sourdough until we went to the Morena location recently. It's just as good in quality and as for sour-ness, just the way I like it.

          All organic is a plus.

          1. re: Cathy

            Thanks! I'll give it a try next time I make the Costco run.

      2. We just had for the first time bread from Prager Brothers (Carlsbad, and at some farmers markets) and it easily beats Bread and Cie bread. I don't think they are fully organic certified but they are using organic grains.

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        1. re: honkman

          Thanks Honkman!

          I went to their website and they do not list sourdough in their offerings. I emailed them though to see if they make sourdough. Hope so!

          1. re: chezron

            I just bought a country loaf from Prager Brothers as well, and it was definitely a sourdough. I recall the guy selling the bread said the previous time I bought a loaf (I bought a semolina sesame loaf that time) that all their breads had a 72 hour fermentation.