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Feb 22, 2014 03:14 PM

Help for business dinner in Austin

Hi all -

Need to pull together a small dinner (4 or 5 people) while in Austin for work. Staying at Hyatt Lost Pines for a conference. We are all from Canada and most of us have not been to Austin. Looking to find a restaurant that will allow us to experience Autin's night life...a good restaurant with fun atmosphere (this group is not a suit and tie business group).Trying to avoid steakhouses in case there are non-steak lovers. Cost isn't a huge deal, but prefer no prix fixe or romantic atmosphere. I read the rescent post by venkreddy, and have a reservation at Roaring Forks. I wasn't sure if that will get us to see the right part of Austin's downtown...Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think Parkside would work for you.

    1. Arro would be a good choice, La Condessa, Eddie Vs is more than just steaks.

      1. The Carrilon

        Swifts Attic-fun quaint atmospeher

        Qui very fun atmospeher

        Seersucker is a chain but is nice and lively

        Roaring Fork - ig good but not a very fun part of town and kind of stuffy

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          The part of downtown near Roaring Fork (7th and Congress) will seem like a lot more fun when you are old enough to drink, girloftheworld :)