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Feb 22, 2014 02:56 PM

good for you breads

has anyone tried the sprouted grain breads? They are spendy and I want to be sure they are worth it.

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  1. "Worth it" is a hard call. They taste.....healthy. Kind of dense and grainy, lots of that deep whole grain flavor.
    The Ezekial bread is my favorite from the couple i have tried. Be sure to toast it! Not toasted is not good..

    I'm not convinced they are nutritiously superior to a good loaf of multi grain artisinal bread from a good bakery.... The sprouting is suppossed to make the nutrients easier to digest among other claims, but i eat plenty of other sprouted legumes and greens and never had an issue digesting breads. But i don't eat much bread anyhow (like, two pcs a week), if you eat a loaf or more a week that would be a pricey habit.

    1. Trader Joe's has one that i liked a lot, though I haven't bought it in a while. Much less pricey then the Ezekial breads. I thought it tasted fine as is, but it's really good toasted with some brie spread on it...sorry I guess the brie bit isn't all that healthy :-)

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        I think the brie part is the healthiest! :-) And delicious, too, I'm with you.

        1. Love Alvarado Street's sourdough sprouted grain bread. Not too "sourdoughy", meaning it doesn't have that tanginess I associate with many sourdough breads. They have a great line up of other sprouted grain breads, too. I don't care for Ezekiel, it's way too dry in my opinion. I also tried a sprouted grain pasta made by a fairly new company called "SmartPasta". It was excellent!