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Feb 22, 2014 02:44 PM

parking close

I need suggestions for a restaurant that has CLOSE-by parking as I have difficulty with more than a half block's walk. I'm taking my grandson to dinner tomorrow.

Lately I've mostly gone to Sang Kee in Wynnewood, but would like to find a few more places. I live in East Falls, so center city, Manyunk > Chestnut Hill or the near Main Line are easily reached.

TIA for your help.

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  1. Lots of restaurants in center city have valet parking. How old is your grandson?

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    1. re: barryg

      He's 13. He's super-picky with a very limited range of foods that he'll eat, so I tend to take him to Vietnamese or Chinese restaurants: noodle dishes and short ribs are on his list.

      But I also go solo for weeknight meals occasionally, so no need to confine suggestions to meet his "palate."

      1. re: saucyknave

        Have you ever been to Fiorino, Italian BYOB in East Falls? It's very good and you can park on the street right in front of the place (assuming one of those spaces is open). It is on a bit of a steep hill though (Indian Queen Lane a block up from Ridge).

        1. re: Buckethead

          We have found parking for Fiorino very difficult - sometimes impossible without a 3 block walk.

    2. If I recall correctly (admittedly it's been a while) Cin Cin in Chestnut Hill has very good pan-Asian and Chinese/French fusion food.

      1. This is an issue that I also struggle with. Chun Hing near
        Pathmark off Monument Ave has excellent Chinese food
        choices, without the uncertainly of Chinatown parking.

        Something fun and different would be Little Pete's, reached from Fairmount Ave, between 24th and 23rd--parking on Fairmount Ave in that block, or in front of the Philadelphian on Pennsylvania Ave,which usually has a space if you just go around once or twice. Inexpensive; good quality, very different--not Chow, but reliable.

        Bar snacks between 5 and 6:30pm at Citron Rose would
        be fun for him--we took our 12 year old granddaughter, who sat at the bar (!) had a soft drink, and felt very sophisticated. On street parking, but not when there is ice or snow on the ground as it has been lately. There is a parking lot closer to Old Lancaster, but do NOT use the parking lot next to Citron and Rose--it is too steep and narrow. This would be COOL for a 13 year old. But, very expensive for dinner. Call ahead--see if they have 12oz
        Heavenly Burger on menu--$28, and quite divine.

        If I think of more I'll post.

        1. Paris Bistro in Chestnut Hill has a parking lot right behind it. They also serve short ribs.

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          1. re: JanR

            I just looked for a reservation at PB -- nothing for 8 weeks!

            1. re: Dempsey

              I just checked on Open Table. Paris Bistro has reservations, even for Saturday. Where did you look and how big is your party?

              1. re: JanR

                I think Open Table was having issues earlier today. I was looking for a weeknight and it only showed 8 restaurants. It seems to be working again now.

          2. Might not be suitable for your nephew, but Mica in Chestnut hill has a parking lot right behind it. There's a passageway between from the parking lot to the sidewalk in front.

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            1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

              Parking within a helf block for Stella Sera, in CH, Heirloom, Iron Hill Brewery, Campbell's Place. . . all kinds of choices, some suitable, some not so.