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Upscale Bar for After Work Drinks

I'm looking for place with great ambiance to go on Thursday after work with my girlfriends. We are not doing dinner just drinks. Suggestions??

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  1. Neighborhood? Desired atmosphere? How many people?

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      Hello Kathryn, It can be really anywhere in Manhattan since we all work in different areas.
      We are 5 people
      Atmosphere? upscale /modern classy, thirty something/early forties crowd.

      1. re: Lovelyday

        The bar at Eleven Madison Park would be good. Very classy, great bar snacks.

    2. Terroir, unless you are looking for cocktails. Also, the bar at Robert is pretty cool. Very feminine room and great view of Central Park. Museum of Art and Design on the lower floors is pay what you wish on Thursdays after six.

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      1. re: coasts

        Hi Coasts I found 4 Terroirs which one are you talking about and what are the days to go?

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          Depends on your location, really. East Village is small. TriBeCa is excellent any day of the week.

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            Can you name a few places in TriBeCa? :)

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            Best terrior is definately tribeca, larger space and good seating choices. If you go on a mon-wed the smaller original location in e village is also great just smaller. On thurs-wknd can get very busy after 7-8pm.

        2. Yeah really need a location since there are so many places to choose from. Also how many people and how old are the people in your group?


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            "We are 5 people
            Atmosphere? upscale /modern classy, thirty something/early forties crowd."

          2. The Campbell Room at Grand Central Terminal is well located and might fit your needs:

            1. The bar at Strip House would fit nicely.

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                Which one? There are two locations I believe?

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                  The midtown east one has a much bigger bar area so I'm guessing that's the one.

              2. I really like Lelabar if you want a really nice wine bar. Also check out the Pegu Club if you want a great place for cocktails. Not sure if I would recommend the Campbell apartment as the drinks can be pricey and while interesting and historic, isn't always worth it. This past Thursday I was at Randolf beer in little Italy and really enjoyed it. Large enough seating/bar area and some solid drink/happy hour specials until 7.


                1. bar pleiades, beautiful space and you can actually have a conversation

                  1. wallflower in the west village is the latest craft leaning cocktail bar in the area. i had something with coconut that was quite tasty, sorry wasnt paying attention, but they have plenty of crafty libations. good food too. i hope to hear more reports, but i would return. in the cursed w12 & w4th space, so good luck to them.

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                        Whats the best day? Some places get better on an specific week day

                      2. The Rose Bar on Wednesdays

                        1. also the bar at Lincoln...beautiful space and really delicious cocktails.
                          I also like bar area in Otto for something a bit casual yet trendy.

                          1. I met up with a friend recently at The Brandy Library. Have not been there in a while but its a great spot to catch up with someone and have a conversation. Even better if you like dark liquors though the tab can get pretty high fast at $30 a glass. LOL

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                              $30 a glass? wow thats totally out of our budget.