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May 22, 2001 06:33 PM

need montreal restaurants

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i need the names of top restaurants (old and new)in montreal. i will be there in july for a convention.

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  1. Toque,was the best resturant in town when I was there 2 years ago. Very expensive, but IMO worth every penny.
    I had a rasotto foie gras(sp) to dye for! Reservations should be made. 514/499-2084. No I don't work there I just happened to have my Monteral quied book on my desk! I can't remember having one bad meal while we were there, you'll love it.
    Another one is La Maree at 404 Place Jacques Cartier in old Montreal 514-861-9794, also pricey. If your a sweetbread fan like me, there's were very good.
    I don't know when your going in July, but they have the Benson&Hedges Fireworks festival sometime that month that was great!
    Have Fun!
    Joann Creekmore
    PS. feel free to email me if I can help with any other questions

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      Hi ! I can refer you agreat restaurant that is out of the usual touristic places like Old Montreal. It is located in the east part of the city on Ontario street
      near Champlain st. Y ou will make a great impression on your friends if you bring them there!
      It is a french restaurant and the chef, a lady called Cecile is a real artist. The name is La Marivaude and the address is 1652 ontario street. Phone# 514-522-9897
      It is a small and friendly place where you can appreciate french cuisine at it's best. I would say it is a real Montreal place!
      Also I agree with Joann about Toque (pronounce to-key)
      wich is the best restaurant in Montreal presently. In fact the chef there is invited to all major events and do represent the country in these occasions.
      They have a web site;

      Also there is a place where you may go if you are in for an experience try a smoked meat sandwich on St-Laurent street at Schwartz restaurant. It is tyically montrealer!! But do not expect a fancy service!!

      Have a good time!
      And Bienvenue!

      1. re: Rob

        It will spoil you for all the rest. But it's crowded (of course) and reservations are essential. And the fireworks may be cancelled this year - Benson & Hedges are no longer allowed to sponsor outdoor events (federal legislation to ban smoking ads).

        1. re: Alan Gardner

          Concerning the fireworks competition, it will happen as usual since they have a new sponsor to replace Benson & Hedges. They did signed a 5 years deal I believe so you will be able to see these great musical fireworks every wenedsday and saturday of july. The best way to enjoy it fully is to walk on Jacques-Cartier bridge that is closed to cars for the occasion and to bring your walkman and synthonise the radio channel that have the music of the fireworks 105.7 FM

    2. Cafe Ferreira on rue Peel is one of the best places I have been in Montreal. Great Portuguese fare. Everyone I have sent there has loved it. Check out their website at

      1. Hi-
        I just returned from Montreal with my husband and was lucky enough to go to my two favorite restaurants - L'Express and Yoyo.

        L'Express is located at 3927 St. Denis (514-845-5333) and is a fabulous bistro. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are in Paris, and the food is fantastic and reasonably priced.

        Yoyo (514-524-4187) is a BYOB on Marquette, in the Latin Quarter. The dining room is small and intimate and is staffed by waiters who are really passionate about food and wine. The chef is a local who opened the place fifteen years ago. I have been to Montreal several times and have dined at many great places there, including some very expensive restaurants, and the two meals that I have had at Yoyo were the best. The other night I had the best lobster bisque I have ever had - this was part of a four course meal that I shared with my husband for $102 Canadian dollars! Yoyo is truly a gem!