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Feb 22, 2014 01:55 PM

Farewell to my favorite Chili Cheeseburger, Tommy's on Lincoln to close

I just learned that Tommy's on Pico and Lincoln is about to become a Starbucks (I think that makes 18 in Santa Monica, alone) - they're on a month to month lease, and so that's that. It's my favorite hangover chili burger, and when the fries are well-done, they're a crispy delight. I'm sad over this news.

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  1. If you haven't tried Big Tomy's on Sawtelle and Pico they are a perfectly good substitute for that particular craving...and the great thing is they are open 24/7/365 so when the itch strikes you don't have to worry about scratching it.

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    1. re: Servorg

      But they are a bit greasier if that can be said.

      1. re: kevin

        A distinction without a difference.

      2. re: Servorg

        Big Tomys: better than Tommy's in every way.

        1. re: Butter Fight

          We live a lot closer to Big Tomy's and have eaten their food too many times to count, but I went to the Santa Monica Tommy's enough to know that I agree with you.

          1. re: Servorg

            While I am undoubtedly fooling myself that it's any healthier for me I've taken to getting the "California burrito" with chicken instead of my usual "double chili cheeseburger" with avocado added (as I did last night). My wife still gets the dcc (no tomatoes) as her entree of choice...

            California Burrito chicken or asada, jack cheese, fresh guacamole & pico de gallo $4.89

            1. re: Servorg

              You're eating healthy now ???????

              1. re: kevin

                No one who is a patron at Big Tomy's can ever be mistaken for a "healthy eater"

      3. Say it ain't so.

        I grew up making Tommy runs at this location.

        Usually a few chili cheese dogs, a mess of fries, and a large biggeee Coke to wash it all down.

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          1. Sad. From "Topps" to "Tommy's" to..... Starbucks? Tommy's was my replacement when Toms #5 (and Topps) folded.

            What hath thou wrought Santa Monica?

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            1. re: cagey

              I like Tommy's but I really liked Topp's even more. It's been a long time since they've been gone but their pastrami dip was one of the best and it was very reasonably priced back then.

            2. This is a horrible development. The chili burgers were good, and the fries (I agree) were great when ordered well-done. A Starbucks there is unneeded and stupid -- the parking in that minimal with the Pollo Loco and the Hawaii BBQ is tight enough. Where will all the Samohi students go for a cheap lunch or snack? (They came on foot.) Servorg, gotta disagree -- been to that Big Tomy's and their burgers are thinner, not nearly as good, and more pricy -- no comparison. This is a loss in my rotation.