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Feb 22, 2014 01:25 PM

Anyone know of a similar restaurant to Backyard Bistro in Montgomery?

Since backyard bistro closed, I find myself missing it terribly. I miss its vibe, atmosphere, and the delicious food. It was my favorite...does anyone know of any similar restaurants in the hudson valley?

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  1. Yeah, it was a great place and their food looked as good as it tasted.

    The closest thing I've found to it (and this won't help you) is a pop-up restaurant I went to in Irvington last month.

    Have you tried Crave in Poughkeepie? They do some stuff that is great to look at and eat.

    1. So, I've been thinking about this post as we ate our way thru the first week of HVRW, and in terms of food presentation, I think that Swift at the Roundhouse in Beacon is probably s close as you're going to find. Of course, it's a big room. not a small garage like Backyard Bistro was. But some of the food tonight (especially desserts) reminded me of BB.

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        See that's funny, I haven't been to swift since it turned into swift, we only went for lunch, but it was very good, I imagine it would be even better for dinner, but I said funny, because after reading here what you said about Cafe Love, I thought it reminded me a lot of BYB. At least we have things that are similar :) I'll have to give swift another go.

        I miss the amuse-bouche, and the extra "dessert" at the end...I know the CIA does amuse-bouche.

        1. re: Elphie2983

          Swift is the first place we've been to this week that did an amuse bouche, and they brought us truffles at the end of the meal. Valley does that as well (or has in the past).

          1. re: MisterBill2

            Sounds like it's time for me to go to Swift for dinner :) Where is Valley? Is that the restaurant at the Garrison?

            1. re: Elphie2983

              Yes. And the chef at Swift used to be at Valley.

      2. I just read on Lohud today that the owner of Good Life Gourmet is going to open a restaurant in the former Cupcake Kitchen space in Irvington in late spring. His was the pop-up restaurant we ate at (at that location) and it was excellent and very BYB-like. Will look forward to seeing the menu at the new place when it opens.