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Feb 22, 2014 12:20 PM

Fleming's Steakhouse, Any Good? (Even with a $40 Gift Card?)

One of my credit cards sent me a $40 GC for Fleming's. Looks like the closest one to me is in Marlton, NJ. I know $40 isn't going to get me very far, but I figure it's about equal to one steak. So is it worth it to trek out to Marlton just to use it? Is the place any good otherwise? Would anyone recommend it even if I didn't have the gift card?

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  1. We went to the Flemings in Radnor and enjoyed it very much. I think we were there on a Sunday when they had a special on prime rib which was a really good deal. That was awhile ago so I don't know if they still have it. But as long as it isn't way too far from your house, I would go. It is a nice evening out.

    1. If they have the same happy hour as the one in Radnor, they have 1/2 off appetizers, I think $5.00 burgers until 7:00. They also have some half price drinks. It would certainly make your gift stretch further. I believe they even have happy hour on Saturday nights.

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        We have 5 drinks, wines and apps for $6 until 7 happy hour. Burger is really good value, love the carpaccio.

        We like to go on Sunday, I do happy hour, my husband does the prime rib special. We also get $100 for $80 at Costco, which makes it a great deal. We live in the land of chains, so it's a good choice for us.

      2. We've been to the Fleming's in West Hartford, CT. Overall it's a typical steak house experience and it's generally very good. But for some reason they occasionally fail at some very important things (on one visit a $25 by-the-glass wine was just old -- it'd obviously been sitting way past serveability; on another, a vegetable side came covered with a sauce that was absolutely inedible and visibly broken, and this problem slipped by the expediter and the food runner).

        The staff is empowered by their corporate office to make very generous offerings to quell unhappy diners. Again, it's just the West Hartford location but sadly we've seen people here really over-working their propensity to comp dishes at the mildest customer complaint.

        All in all, I'd recommend this chain nonetheless. It's a good restaurant where, for a price, one almost always has a good meal.

        1. with a $40 gift card it's worth going to.

          1. Fleming's is definitely worth the trouble.

            If you go for happy hour, order the carpaccio and salt & pepper shrimp... or the fabulous burger (a true prime steakhouse bacon cheeseburger). Some enjoy the calamari but it wasn't my favorite. All $6 each. They usually have a beer of the day for $3 and five or six glasses of wine of $6 PLUS specialty cocktails.

            The dining room is great, too. I don't get there as often as I enjoy the happy hour far too much.