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Feb 22, 2014 12:02 PM

Easter Brunch - St Louis?

Will be in St Louis for Easter to visit our son at Wash U. Looking for a lovely buffet style brunch. Seafood and quality desserts a must, but also feeding a boy with a huge appetite! Any suggestions appreciated. Location not a concern - we will drive anywhere for something special. Thanks.

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  1. Eau Bistro at the Chase in the Central West End would be my first choice. The Ritz Carlton has cut back on their brunch - although I think they'll be back to the old ways for Easter and Mother's Day. But Eau has good seafood, interesting entrees, and a beautiful dessert layout.

    Other opinions welcome, of course - in fact, will be interested to hear them. High-end brunch buffets are waning, I think. Sit-down menu ones, not so much, but the bacchanal of the buffet....

    1. I second lemons' recommendation for Eau. Somewhat pricey but with a boy that age you'll certainly get value out of it. Whatever you do, don't listen to anyone who tells you to go to Bevo Mill. Awesome, wonderful, whimsical building. Dreadful steam-table food.

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        Amen to tonifi. Sad. Maybe with no one hungry and an architecture or history major.

      2. You might consider Bixby's at the MO History Museum.

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          The view is lovely, and they have a different format - order your main course and then run amok at the buffet of aps and desserts. Not as large as Eau, but very nice.

        2. Looks like Bigdee hasn't been around. I would amend my suggestion at Eau to add that the Chase also has on Easter (and I think Mom's Day, too) a brunch on the Starlight Roof. Different kitchen, different menu. You want Eau.

          1. Thank you for the input....Eau it is!!