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Feb 22, 2014 11:45 AM

Corning Beef Without Brisket?

I love corned beef, with the pickling spices and all. But the price of brisket seems high to me these days, and sometimes it's not even convenient to find. Anybody have success with corning (if that's the right term) a different, cheaper cut of beef? A slice of chuck for instance? May be a silly question.

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  1. You can brine any piece of meat other than Brisket. Other cuts you will find in your delicatessen department are:

    Top or Bottom Round
    Eye Round.

    1. A few years ago I bought the cheapest beef roast on sale. I can't remember the cut, but it was just fatty and full of connective tissue and stuff. No way would I have roasted it. But I wanted to experiment. I corned it and boiled it and it was the best corned beef I have ever made or had.

      Traditionally corned/salt beef was made from all but the best cuts of the beef.

      1. I am following this thread, as we are corning our first brisket as I type, and was wondering about corning venison....

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        1. I corn chuck and round all the time.

          You need to cure it longer if its thick.

          And a long cook will be needed to tenderize it since its lean. I do it sous vide for 48hrs. Comes out great.

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            Makes perfect sense...We drove past a Amish dairy farm yesterday, and they were skinning a cow/bull...not sure but it was huge compared to deer, I bet they corn some of that...if only for variety. We never see the Amish in the Amish butcher we use....

          2. In Britain corned beef is made from a cut called "silverside" which is probably top or bottom round. Much better than brisket in my opinion.

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              Well, thank you to all you folks. I shall give it a whirl !