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Bars in Toronto open for gold medal game?

Does anybody know what bars are open for the gold medal game on Sunday morning? Any listings I've found only show a few places that are open.

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  1. I heard Dog and Bear is going to be open for the game. They have lots on tap and a big projector

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      The Jack Astor's at front and church is fully booked. They are apparently hiring security because they believe people may just party all through the night until the game.

    2. The Jester on Yonge just south of St Clair.

      1. Rally is open with a breakfast buffet ($15)and a ton of big screens.

        1. Found this list:

          3030 Dundas West
          AAA Bar
          Bier Markt – King West
          Boots n Bourbon
          Brazen Head Pub
          Cafe Diplomatico
          Ceilli Cottage
          Danforth Music Hall
          Dog & Bear
          Fox and Fiddle
          Gabby’s (all locations open except King St East)
          Longest Yard Restaurant
          Loose Moose
          Mill St Brew Pub
          Monarch Tavern
          Old Spaghetti Factory
          Pacific Junction Hotel
          Real Sports
          Rebel House
          St James Gate Pub
          Tequila Bookworm
          The Blue Goose
          The Mugshot Tavern
          The Office Pub
          Wayne Gretzky’s
          Wheat Sheaf Tavern

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            Curious, what was the source of the list? Also, not a bar but the CBC on Front is showing the game and free pancake breakfast at 7am on a first come/first served basis

            1. Just wondering, did anyone die in the process of waking up early and having a drink while watching a sporting event before 11am?

              I know every soccer fan in Toronto would love if this ridiculous law was permanently done away with.

              Anyway, congrats on the gold medal!

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              1. re: Matt H

                no one died, the city did not erupt into chaos. so why did rob ford vote against council?

                1. re: frogsteak

                  So if someone died or the city erupted into chaos he could say "I told you so"...

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                    He pics of the YD area looked like a bit of chaos... But, i agree. If places want to serve earlier I think they should be allowed to.

                    1. re: ylsf

                      Lots of "hoax" pictures making the rounds today of a sea of red at Yonge and Dundas that were actually pictures of the victory parade 4 years ago after Vancouver...

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                        I do not think you would see a lot of places open earlier as there would probably not be the market for 7am drinkers. Today was an "extraordinary" occasion. And very few (if ANY) bars would be interested in opening that early on a regular basis.... How can I be sure? Well the city allowed bars to open at 6am not just today but also Friday and Saturday and nobody answered the call as far as I can tell. No bar that I have heard of opened early on Friday or Saturday and I have not heard an outrage of customers that could not drink those days... http://www.cbc.ca/m/touch/canada/stor...

                        1. re: pourboi

                          So if there is no market, then those bars will not open and then the ones that do find a market will... doesn't sound that complicated to me.

                          I know for a fact that every single soccer bar in the city would take them up on that offer and trust me nothing bad will happen!

                          1. re: Matt H

                            How many soccer bars opened on Saturday morning? There were a ton of early games...


                            1. re: pourboi

                              The Soccer bars open early in the morning every weekend regardless. If you call yourself a Premiership bar then you have to be open actually.

                              The difference is you have to drink coffee instead of a Guinness. So if they are opened anyways, why not let them open up the taps and pour people a beer or make them an Irish Coffee. Not that huge of a deal.

                          2. re: pourboi

                            Now if they wanted to open early on a Sunday, whole new ballgame. Great for hair of the dog AND Formula One fans.

                        2. re: frogsteak

                          He voted against it because he wanted "nightclubs" to also be allowed to open early.

                          It's not clear to me that any of them were actually interested in doing so