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Feb 22, 2014 10:58 AM

Left handedness in kitchen

I am an older (64) left handed cook whose grown up cooking in a right handed world. I've had to adapt to right handed bias in the kitchen Nothing much bothers me except manual can openers are difficult to use but not so much that I've bought a left handed one. I own a left handed expensive Japanese chef's knife that's too nice to use. I'm sure there are many items that I'm not even aware of that are easier for right handed people. Have you made an concessions to your left handedness like buying left handed tools or set up your kitchen differently?

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  1. I am fortunate that I learned to do some things right handed which includes using scissors. I would think you would need left handed poultry shears or other heavy duty scissors for opening plastic packages.

    I do open my fridge with my left hand but I grab contents with my right. The fridge is at the left end of the counter.

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      Some time ago I bought a high quality left hand sewing scissors (from a marine supply shop that was going out of business), and found I couldn't use them very well.

      I'm just too used to using scissors in my right hand. It turns out with good scissors handedness is more than the shape of the handles. If used in the correct hand, your hand actually forces the blades together. In the other, they spread a part a bit, and don't cut nearly as well.

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        Left handed scissors do not just have differently shaped handles, they are screwed together differently, with the opposite blade on top.

    2. I'm sure we all know how to get along, but every once in awhile ther is an "aha!".

      When I had my kitchen re-done the sink faucet was designed for a leftie. I may not really notice it much, but I know the sink at my office is not. In my office, I end up with my left wrist under the running water when it comes on.

      The hot water knob, or if there is just one knob, should be to the left of the running water.

        1. Interesting. I am left handed and have never felt the need to use a left handed cooking item. I can use right handed scissors in my left hand just fine.

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            <I can use right handed scissors in my left hand just fine.>

            It's not a question of not being able to use them. It's about lining things up. A left-handed pair will allow your eyes to look straight down at the cutting edge, making alignment a cinch. Using righty scissors in the left hand, the cutting edge is completely obscured.

          2. For me it's more of an issue when sewing than cooking. I'm somewhat ambidextrous but it's selective. I don't use knives in my right hand ever same with scissors. I use a top mount can opener. I can't say if I've set up the kitchen differently since I have always just put things as they are most natural to me. Plus my mother is left handed too, so I probably picked up things from her.