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Feb 22, 2014 10:03 AM

Trouble in Paradise at La Fonda, Ensenada, Baja

Haven't been there, done that for some time, but there is a recent report with pictures showing federal authorities throwing furniture out.

I do believe it all goes back to the illegal modifications/encroachment on the federal zone that the new people made.

The drama will continue, but the restaurant and hotel are too valuable a property. Someone will settle up and reopen.

Here is a link to the report with photos on Baja Nomad:

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  1. On both Mexican coasts, the ejido (natives) were screwed decades ago by being given land unsuitable for agriculture or grazing -the useless coastal land. My, how things have changed. Now, coastal property is worth a fortune, and the ejido are being ratfucked again. The mechanism by which ejido can transfer property title via a fideicomiso (a somewhat complicated trust agreement) has been fraught with corruption, property confiscation, and innocent people jailed.
    Buyer beware. It's not over yet. I have seen with my own eyes perfectly good properties razed by bulldozers on a Sunday morning, and Americans jailed for weeks.

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      Veggo, I don't think the La Fonda dust-up is related to ejido land. This is related to illegal construction on Mexican federal government property, not an ejido.

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        Gotcha. Sometimes encroachment on propiedad federal or the 10 meter easements that lead to the water's edge has been tolerated in the past, but elections can change things. A 10 meter swath of Shangri La in Q. Roo was bulldozed because it traversed a federal right of way, shortly after an acrimonious election. Payback's a bitch.

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          Too true.

          There is a swath of coastal Baja where land rights are highly political and always contentious.

    2. According to recent reports, Joe Dmytri is back in possession of his restaurant and hotel and will be opening up for business this Sunday, March 9, or maybe, if things go well, a few days earlier.

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      1. Hi, my boyfriend and I were there in the spring 2014 and the restaurants and hotel were open. Only the spa was closed, for renovations. I talked to a local real estate agent, whose office is located close by La Fonda, to get the scoop, and she told me the previous owners were foreclosed upon by the original owner. But the orig. owner (Dimitri?) is allowing the foreclosed upon owners to continue operating part of the hotel. So it's kind of a shared operation currently.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. As of Feb 2015, the problem was with the ownership group that is now in the process of being removed for lack of payment. Dimitry and Sara are back at the south end of the property with the hotel and restaurant. There is still a restaurant at the north end but not for long as lobsters are only served in Dimitri. He will eventually again control the entire property.