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Feb 22, 2014 09:36 AM

Steak Tartare

I recently realized steak tartare might be my favorite food. I don't think I've ever not ordered it when seen on a menu, for at least the past thirty years. I would try to tell you where you can get the best in New Orleans, except, it's a tie for first: they all get 10s.

Where do you think they serve the best Steak Tartare?

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  1. Take a look at the ones at Ivy, Doris Metropolitan and Martinique, though the latter may not still have it around.

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      Except for private parties and the ones I make myself, I did not know anyone in town offered it/ The last time I saw it on a menu was at the late Locke-Ober in Boston. I am glad to hear it is back.

    2. So I read this post a few hours ago and then went to Le Petit Grocery and sure enough, steak tartare was on the menu. So I ordered it just for you. It was made with capers, green onions, salt, mustard and tarragon and topped with black roe. It was good, but the tarragon was a little overpowering for my taste. The meal was excellent though. May have been the best crab beignets in town. Enjoyed the turtle bolognese and my trout entree. Service was really good too.

      1. The best was at Meauxbar, sadly they have moved on. I believe Sainte Marie still has it on the menu.