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Paleo friendly restaurants?

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Are there any in montreal especially breakfast?

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  1. every breakfast restaurant is paleo friendly. by the way, the evolutionary argument for the paleo diet is fundamentally stupid.

    1. What is paleo as applied to breakfast?

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      1. re: williej

        Eggs and meat. Skip the potatoes.

        1. re: EaterBob

          Oh, ok. Then just need to go to any breakfast place and order eggs and bacon skip the potatoes!

          1. re: williej

            Not that simple. I don't know much about paleo diets, but I think they usually ban refined salt, refined sugar and processed oils (among others), so that makes things a lot harder, especially when meat consumption is limited to grass-fed, as paleo diets seem to require. I don't know any breakfast place which would be paleo friendly in MTL.