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Feb 22, 2014 07:26 AM

Stone-Ground Grits (Where to Find)

Anyone know where I can find white, stone-ground grits for sale in the Boston area or Metro-West? Would prefer Brookline/Allston/Brighton neighborhoods but beggars can't be choosers and willing to travel some.

Something like Anson Mills or McEwen & Sons would be great; even Bob's Mill is fine. Just not instant grits (the only thing I could find at Shaw's or Stop & Shop).

Have already checked Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Stop & Shop, Shaw's.

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  1. We've been here a year, and I haven't found them yet. I'm going back to Atlanta in April and packing an extra suitcase to bring home real grits, White Lily flour, and Duke's mayo.

    Hopefully someone will reply with a local source.

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    1. re: maestrette

      no local source ive seen(20+ years living up north now)--- we stock up in atlanta also. otherwise friends will ship for us

    2. I believe I have bought them at Trader Joe's. Perhaps they have discontinued this item, but I'm pretty sure I have gotten them there within the last year.

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      1. re: johncb

        Yeah - sadly, they don't carry them anymore unfortunately. I went in person to the Coolidge Corner store as well as called the manager of another local TJ - do not carry them.

      2. Christina's in Inman square has Anson grits. I think Formaggio Kitchen does as well. Christina's has few other Anson products (or did), but I talked with the owner and he seemed open to ordering more Anson products if there was enough interest. We talked about how southern food is really "exploding" in the area and he supplies the restaurants as well wholesale.

        I order from Anson directly from time to time, but the shipping is an impediment. The AnsonMills guy told me he almost never supplies retail shops because he can't trust them to keep everything frozen and thus preserve the quality. He said Formaggio Kitchen is really exceptional in that regard, and presumably he feels the same way about Christina's.

        It's possible that Dave's pasta might have it too, but if you see it on the shelf, you know it should have been in the freezer when it arrived.

        1. I Know that Formaggio Kitchen on Huron Ave Cambridge has them

          1. Any reason you can't/don't want to order them online?

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              I was hoping there might be a local purveyor...I grew up in the deep South and there grits are ubiquitous (and not considered gourmet by any means!). Recently had a hankering for them (perhaps in the way we all occasionally crave foods we ate growing up). I've lived in Boston for almost 7 years but never craved them randomly before -- I ordered some online.

              1. re: Ella Bella

                Do y'all use Indian Head cornmeal in GA? My mom used it for some things in VA and a local CH helped me find it a few months ago at a PriceRite in WRoxbury/Roslindale. I was surprised to find it to be pretty finely ground, though it IS stone ground. Wicked $3 for 5 lb. But in the end, I will stick w/ Anson Mills because it is not consistently ground, which means that you get a very toothsome grits that are a mix of course and a different coarse and a different coarse. Just fantastic as you obviously alrdy know.... The irony of all this is that R.I. Johnnycakes are a trad food and tourist item in R.I. and there is Grey's Grist Mill which makes a very good stone ground white cornmeal, but you have to go THERE to buy it. Johnnycakes are very similar to fried cornbread that I grew up w/ in VA (except that the RI cakes are thin and large diameter , like pancakes, and Fried Cornbread is an inch or so thick and about 3 " diameter.)

                I'm running on about this because some day you might enjoy driving around beautiful R.I. and stopping at Grey's.

              2. re: carolinadawg

                cd, you have to buy a minimum order to make the $ shipping worthwhile. Times like those, one needs a cul de sac of southerners to split the cost.

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  Guess it depends on what one thinks is worthwhile...the Old Mill of Guilford will ship three 2 pound bags of grits for $28 total, grits and shipping. Doesn't seem too outrageous to me for a taste of home while "behind enemy lines", lol.

                  1. re: carolinadawg

                    These might be my favorites. Really nice people too.

                    I have ordered from Callaway Gardens in the past, the speckled heart grits are great but their shipping costs went up a year or so ago.

                    1. re: carolinadawg

                      that is an excellent deal. wonder what their grind is like.