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Apr 26, 2001 04:46 AM

just back from montreal

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we're just back from our stay in montreal. we stayed in the auberge de vieux-port, a very nice hotel (BUT non-smoker). our best place to eat was the restaurant de vieux-port: very, very good seafood and meat (prices for a platter $ 30 -60). A very nice idea are the "mere et terre"-platters (sea and meat). If you like grilled seafood and meat - the restaurant de vieux-port is a must! We were disappointed from the La Maree, where we were not wellcome to eat a dessert ("just for souper!"). A very unkindly service and we'd never eat there - there are enough other possibilities in Montreal to eat.

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    Caitlin Wheeler

    I would also recommend Les Remparts -- the restaurant in the Auberge de Vieux Port -- they do great things with game and local meats you don't get as often in the US (wild boar, venison, Quebecois fois gras, duck, etc)