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Feb 22, 2014 05:45 AM

Paczki, Providence

Last year I had my first paczki, the delicious jam-filled doughnut-like Polish pastry that is available on Fat Tuesday, March 4th this year.

I bought it at the Polonia Market on Broadway in Pawtucket where the manager said they were shipped daily from New York City.

Having nothing to compare it to, I don’t know if I should return to Polonia or search for a better source.

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  1. Are the Fat Tuesday paczki even more awesome than the ones Polonia sells every saturday?

    I think you have nothing to compare it to because there is nothing to compare around here.

    They are not paczki, but if you believe that only stellar doughnuts are worth eating, you should know about Silver Star bakery on Ives St.

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      I stopped by Polonia today and asked about the provenance of their paczkis. The Friday ones come from New York; the Saturday ones from Worcester. Today being Friday I got the New York ones with a choice of rose water or prune filling. I got both. The young counter women were very lovely and accommodating but I don’t speak Polish so I don’t know if I understood everything correctly. I am not sure if the Friday New York ones are available year round or just around Fat Tuesday.

      I also bought my first zeppoles of the season today at Le Favorite Bakery in Warwick. They make a particularly good one and I appreciate that they offer two sizes, regular and mini. The minis are just right for a snack.

      With all this pastry on hand I am going to save the stellar Silver Star doughnuts for another time.