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Feb 22, 2014 03:08 AM

Question about dish at Chili Duck (Pad-Med-Prik-Thai-On ( Crispy Pork )); Anyone have pictures?

I used to live in Haverhill, and I would go into Boston almost every day. I would often find myself eating at this thai restaurant that I am almost positive was Chili Duck on Boyleston.

I would always get this dish of crispy pork, but it was nothing like the fried, hard pork cubes served in thai places in LA where I now live. Instead, it was like rings of pork with crispy skin on the outside, and tender meat, almost like mini rings of porchetta, with basil, bell peppers, and some semi-spicy sauce.

It was one of my favorite foods ever, and I can't really recall the dish name. I think it may have been the Pad-Med-Prik-Thai-On ( Crispy Pork ) there, but I can't find any pictures.

If any Boston hounds happen to have some pics, or would like to be some detective work, that would be awesome.

Has anyone ever tried this dish at Chili Duck, or anything like my description?

Thanks for indulging me!

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  1. Montien on Stuart st has the dish that sounds like what you describe and call it by the same name. They do it with sweet basil and peppercorns.

    They do a similar dish called moo krob med prik Thai on with sliced instead of the crispy pork.

    I usually get the sliced and can take a pic next time I have it.which should be soon.

    It's 1 of my favorite dishes there.

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      That would be awesome. I look forward to your post!

      As awesome as Thai food is in LA, I still miss that dish. I wonder if I have been missing it by a different name, or just in virtue of not knowing the name here... it would be a truly marvelous discovery if so. But either way, it would scratch and old itch to find the long lost dish. =)