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Feb 21, 2014 08:05 PM

Irene's Cuisine

Any feedback on Irene's? Rated highly on Trip Advisor and recommended by a friend.

Going for 4 nights in March for husband's work conference and already have reservations at Commander's Palace and NOLA (close to our hotel).


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  1. I haven't been in a long time, largely because I never quite "got" Irene's. I'm clearly in the minority, be curious to read your thoughts if you go. Have a fun trip!

    1. it's been awhile, but Irenes's is good. I can't seem to avoid their crabcake "special, available so often they should just put it on the menu. Make a rsv for the front room.

      However, should you live somewhere with great Italian food, go elsewhere. It's Creole Italian and really doesn't stand up to say NY/NJ Italian.

      1. We live nearby and are fortunate to dine there at least twice a month. Love Irene's! Thursday's special is Turtle Soup and it is divine; also a Thursday special is Osso Bucco. They have updated their menu and the once only "special" lasagna, is now permanently on the menu.
        Delicious duck and rack of lamb, my husband says the steaks are good. I love when the soft shell crabs are in, the appetizer size is big enough for an entree for me. One of her best dishes is a side of Parmesan Potatoes.
        Hope you enjoy it.

        1. tons of threads in this forum on them. i enjoy it, their crispy duck is perhaps the best in the city.

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            I agree 100%. It is also a pleasant place to eat alone. It has a very comfortable feel and has the proper NOLA Italian element that is often misunderstood by Ny/Philly/ my opinion.