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Cocktails before Scarpetta tomorrow evening

We have a 730pm reservation for Scarpetta tomorrow. We were thinking of Raines Law Room for a drink as we liked it the one other time we were there. Any other suggestions in the area? Thanks.

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  1. How about the Flatiron Lounge?

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    1. Enjoy Scarpetta

      Its been a year since our last meal but I highly recommend the bread basket ;)

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          I just ate at Scarpetta this weekend and I was pretty disappointed. I've been 3-4x in the recent past and loved it, but this night everything was just ok.

          The bartender filled my glass of prosecco about 3/4 of the way, which I've never seen before - I even left it sitting on the bar for a while assuming they had to open another bottle to finish the pour. No chips were served.

          We ordered the polenta which was barely warm, though delicious. The breadbasket wasn't nearly as good as it has been in the past and it was never refilled.

          The pastas and mains were good but everything wasn't hot enough, except the spaghetti as they brought it to the table with a cloche.

          Everything overall was fine - I was expecting an above average experience, as I've had in the past, but this was just OK, mediocre even.

          For a Friday night, the restaurant had no buzz or energy, which also surprised and disappointed me. I'm not running back.

          1. re: coasts

            Thanks! Didn't even know it existed.

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Tippler & Bathtub Gin are nearby, Flatiron is good, but Raines is probably my favorite.

          2. Ah, the bar at Scarpetta should not be overlooked. The bar area itself is classy, the stools are comfortable, barkeeps competent. What's not to be missed are the house made chips served gratis. Stellar!

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            1. re: steve h.

              IMO the cocktails themselves aren't that good. Especially if the OP is considering Raines Law Room.

              1. re: kathryn

                Martinis are good. So too the gimlets. It's whatever works for you.

                Can't beat the chips. ;-)

                1. re: steve h.

                  Negronis are not good there and everything I've tried off the cocktail list hasn't been good either. Good chips, yes.

                  1. re: kathryn

                    Martinis are good, the chips are great.

                    As an aside, I went to Scarpetta just after they opened and was later invited to the One Year anniversary. They matured a lot from the early days. I also ate at the Miami outpost shortly after it opened. The manager and I had a little verbal dueling going on (all in good fun): Are your chips as good? He'll yes, he said. Bottom line? Close but no cigar. He (gently) banged his head on the bar. Lately, Deb and I have been staying at the Beverly Wilshire when we are in LA. The bar at Scarpetta Beverly Hills is excellent. Gimlet, short rib app/polenta app mixed together is my standard bar order. The chips are good, too.

                    1. re: steve h.

                      i am going to ditto the drinks are not good there and i live across the street so am quite familiar lol! i would highly recommend going to the bar at the top of the standard hotel for your pre-dinner quaff. views are a bonus.

                      edit - i see you went to tippler yes its kiddie central, but still a nice place. hit or miss drinks, mostly miss. glad you got a good one and enjoyed it. scarpetta has remained pretty solid.

                      1. re: mrnyc

                        Are you saying you can't get a decent martini or gimlet at the bar at Scarpetta?

                        Just asking...

                        1. re: steve h.

                          i am saying decent is about tops for drinks there. i prefer the martinis around the corner at the homestead steakhouse bar, but really both are hit and miss and not consistent unless you walk it through, which i find annoying. depends who is working. the area is really not a effortlessly good drink neighborhood altogether.

                          1. re: mrnyc

                            The Old Homestead builds a decent martini. It was in the meat packing district when it was the meat packing district. Good beef, good booze. My dad dragged me there way back when. Prime rib was my beef of choice.

                            Having said that, the martinis at both Scarpetta and Old Homestead are pretty decent, gimlets too. Scarpetta gilds the lily with the house chips. Old School is ok in my book.

                            1. re: steve h.

                              yeah i know and me too, i just like more reliability for standard drinks like those. the longtime bartenders at jane st tavern who know me make the standards the best in the area for me, but thats because we have a mind meld (results even there may vary if they dont know you and your preferences lol!). again, its really not a great area in general to get a guaranteed great drink for various reasons.

                              1. re: mrnyc

                                Indeed. And that's the beauty of a neighborhood tavern.

                                If I were to move back to NYC, I'd shop around for a place on/near Jane. The best.

                              2. re: steve h.

                                yeah i know and me too, i just like more reliability for standard drinks like those. the longtime bartenders at jane st tavern who know me make the stands the best in the area for me, but thats because we gave a mind meld (results even there may vary if they dont know you and your preferences lol!)

                                1. re: mrnyc

                                  The best test of a neighborhood bar is when you sit down, order a martini and everyone knows to leave you alone. They sense your mood, give you space. Later, you chat.

                                  Comfortable shoes.

              2. Just got in. Scarpetta was great. First time there. Loved it.
                Wound up at Tippler for drinks before. We liked it a lot, even though we were the oldest ones there. :)

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                1. re: ttoommyy

                  hope you ordered the polenta with mushrooms. that's an amazing dish!

                  glad Tippler worked out. it's maybe not the best cocktail bar in manhattan, but it's also not trying to be. i like their Charming Snake cocktail and have always found the room to be inviting with whatever crowd i'm with.

                  1. re: coasts

                    Didn't have the polenta, as I was also having pasta. My Italian background just wouldn't let me have both. ;)
                    My husband and I were the oldest people at Tippler, but that did not matter at all. The bartenders were very friendly. The vibe was great. We loved it and would definitely go back. And I did have the Charming Snake. Terrific drink!

                    1. re: ttoommyy

                      What was the noise level at Tippler like? Last time I was there it was deafening. My friend and I couldn't hear a word the other was saying, just sitting across a small table from each other. We left after one drink and I've avoided it ever since. Would love to hear my experience was an outlier, as I did like the atmosphere and the location is convenient.

                      1. re: charmedgirl

                        Noise level was loud, but my husband and I had no problem hearing one another or the bartenders while chatting with them. We were seated at the bar. This was 7pm though.