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Coral Gables area Traditional Breakfast place

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I will be staying in Coral Gables for a week and am very familiar with and like Chocolate Fashion. Anything else to recommend traditional breakfast wise, including eggs and really good coffee? Willing to drive a few miles.

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  1. If you drive over to Coconut Grove, Green Street Cafe. In Coral Gables, while its not breakfast, try the coffee at Pasion del Cielo.
    Le Petit Cafe has great breakfast and coffee in Coral Gables.


    1. Try the new restaurant, Pinch Me. The restaurant opened just about 10 weeks ago and is located near the circle on Ponce de Leon (few doors down from Fred Astaire Dance Studio).
      Also, try Bread and Butter on Salzedo (Between Aragon and Miracle Mile).

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        Thank you. Will try next time I am in Coral Gables probably next year. Hopefully the restaurant will still be there and still be good

      2. Though I've heard on and off that Bread & Butter is doing breakfast, I'm not convinced it's actually happening (or is happening consistently) - I've been by there weekday mornings anyway and it's not open. Think they must just be doing a Sunday brunch.

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          Thanks for updating my posting. I believe the breakfast is now just on the weekends at Bread & Butter, but biscuits are really good. I do have a new breakfast place with great surprise: Sushi Samba at 180 Aragon Ave, at the Westin Hotel. First off, the bacon is thick and cooked to perfection. The farm fresh eggs, cooked to order, are so flipping good. Then, the fresh potatoes and house made toast will send you over the moon in satiety. Coffee is delicious, as well. French Toast is a delicious indulgence. This breakfast is not cheap, but worth every penny...okay, dollar!

        2. Threefold Cafe has great breakfast and coffee. They also open at 8:00am which is good.