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Feb 21, 2014 03:55 PM

One night in Palm Beach - where to go?

Co-workers and I will be staying one night at the Bradley Park in Palm Beach. Of the restaurants within walking distance (we have a car, but we'll be eating rather late (8:30-9:00). What do you recommend? We ate at Testa's once and were not terribly impressed. Trevini gets good reviews.

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  1. Buccan , HMF for more casual dining. Both are very good. Chez Jean Pierre for excellent French.

    1. Its next to impossible to get a reservation, but Palm Beach Grill stands alone.

      1. We ended up at Trevini. Service and atmosphere were great, but the food was unremarkable. I'd really like to try Buccan next time we"re in town. Thanks.

        1. Best French is Chez Jean Pierre on North County Road. Try Palm Beach Grill in Poinicna Plaza for good casual.

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            Thanks. Yes, I walked past Chez Jean Pierre. I'll give it a try next time I am in town.