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Feb 21, 2014 02:21 PM

orangevale/sacramento old yellow house restaurant

does anyone remember the name of a restaurant on hazel ave that I think was orangevale and it was an old yellow house? had a beautiful bar

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  1. oops it was on greenback and an old victorian

    1. I'm not familiar with one in that particular location, but could it have been one of the chain called the "Big Yellow House", where everything was served family style and there were typically only two or three main dishes served each day (rotating basis) and a whole bunch of sides?

      1. No I worked at the big yellow house..this wasn't a chain. Some have told me it started as lw calders and some have said the white house
        But thank you

        1. Since I live in Orangevale, I'll tell you what little information I know. I do believe it was named lw calders at some point. It's always stood out like a sore thumb on busy Greenback Lane near Hazel. It became Elegant Garden & Afternoon Tea. I went there one Mother's Day for brunch. The inside is beautiful! I think that closed down sometime in 2006? I believe it was then repainted green and was set to open up as a Wings N Rings, believe it or not! For some reason, it never opened and now it's been vacant for some time and is for sale. I think the asking price is one million. I can't seem to find much about it online other than it is a house of historic significance. It's a shame because it's such a beautiful place. I wish they could move it like the movie Up and place it somewhere else.

          1. The Big Yellow House was chain, had locations in Sacramento but that was at Arden and expo. The food they served is what you described.

            The White House, then L Calders then the tea place is in Orangevale, On greenback and Pecan (?). they have never served food family style. It does have an incredible bar with a wall of liquors so tall the bar tender needs a ladder to get to the toppest of the top shelves. I've lived in the area since the 50's and ahve been to all of the incarnations of this house including working on it when it became LW Calders. Very beautiful building.

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              In college I did a graduation paper on the area. In the 19th century, the communities of Orangevale, Citrus Heights, and Fair Oaks were created as sites of citrus farms to be run by people retiring from professional careers on the east coast. That's why there were small farms with elegant Victorian homes on them. A few managed to survive, but many end up falling into disrepair and either burning down or getting torn down. It was a series of hard freezes in the middle 1930s that pretty much wiped out most of the citrus farms in the area, but crops like olives and almonds took over because they could handle freezes better. Whenever I saw that big house on Greenback, I remembered the paper I wrote.