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Feb 17, 2001 07:34 PM

where to eat with a vegetarian along

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We will be spending a weekend in Montreal with our 2 college age children. One is a vegetarian and one mainly likes steaks. The vegetarian is generally happy with side dishes, but likes good quality. The steak eater loves steak and frites but again likes good quality. My husband and I like most anything, especially seafood. We have thought about Toque or Gibbys or something of that quality for one night and maybe Greek for the other. Any suggestions?

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  1. Chu Chai
    4088 ST DENIS
    (514) 843-4194
    /Excellent/ vegan Thai food. They have fake meat. /Really good/ fake meat.

    Le Commensal is the big Veg place, cheap...but I didn't like the quality.

    Check out