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Feb 21, 2014 01:27 PM

American breakfast Ft Lauderdale airport to Coral Gables

Will arrive from NYC mid morning starving for a high quality American breakfast . Good diner is okay, but must be special. Great coffee is all important.

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  1. Well, that's a pretty large area! You'll be sad to find that most breakfast places down here don't really serve anything special for coffee, so that could narrow down a choice pretty quickly. Also, if you are arriving on a Sat or Sun, your quality selection pool increases substantially! Breakfast is more geared toward the cheap tourist crowd down here and most locals really don't do anything special for breakfast unless its the weekend. Give us a few more parameters and i'm sure we can come up with something fitting!

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    1. re: retloctt

      thanks retloctt.
      Will be arriving on a Thursday. Want to be as close to FLL as possible heading south.

    2. OB House In Himmarshee area of Fort Lauderdale
      Lester's Diner on SR 84 in Fort Lauderdale

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        OB House is waayy overpriced for what it is and in the wrong direction. Lester's is nothing special, I'd rather eat at Waffle House.

        1. re: retloctt

          I recall Lester's as a basic diner, and would go there if there is no other option, due to proximity to airport. Will be starving after the early flight. Waffle House is not a place I had ever planned on entering.

          1. re: dudleycat

            OB house is less than 15 minutes from the airport and is "overpriced" because they use quality ingredients. They don't use fake maple syrup, etc. It's your best bet.

      2. I agree with the consensus that OB House is your best bet. The food is VERY good, as compared to Lester's, which is just your average diner....Definitely better tan I would think a Waffle House would be, but still, your average diner. You will enjoy OB House and it really is only a few minutes north of the airport.

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        1. re: gblcsw

          OB House menu looks great.
          Thank you! Would not have found on my own.

        2. If you're willing to deal with a 20 minute detour (each way), you could really go for the gusto and hit Josh's Deli in Surfside (North Miami Beach).

          Really creative chef-driven, all house-made/cured ingredients.

          And the specials are often "off the chain". Octopus and Grits... Corned Beef Benedict...

          You won't find anything like what you'll get at Josh's at Lester's or anything similar, that's for sure.

          You asked for special, this is special.

          The website doesn't do it justice, follow on Twitter or Instagram for a better idea at what's going on there,

          1. Flashback Diner in Hallandale/Aventura has very traditional American breakfasts. (Great matzo ball soup, too!)

            For great coffee, hit up the Starbucks on Hallandale Beach Blvd, or stop at a Cuban place for a Cuban coffee. It's a bit like mud, but if you like strong coffee, it's GREAT!