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Feb 21, 2014 12:55 PM

Delivery in Redwood City ?

Hi guys! New to this area and this site. Wondering if anyone can recommend me some awesome places that deliver in Redwood City and/or Restaurants generally ? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure about delivery other than pizza but if you like Mexican food I recommend going to Tacos El Grullense (the one right next door to Sequia Station on El Camino, the other outposts are as good) and getting some tacos. Al Pastor, Carnitas or Carne Asada. If you don't like Mexican food I suggest starting to like Mexican food.

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    1. My brother lives in Palo Alto and has been generally happy with his orders from . It also serves Redwood City. I haven't really tasted anything yet, but it did give me a kick to see a label on a used container marked with Chef Bridget Batson's name. She recently joined Munchery from Gitane in SF.

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        yep thanks heaps. i've tried fluc and that was awesome. i'll try munchery too as that looks yum also

      2. There are few restaurants that deliver by themselves - it's just not as much of a "thing" here. When I just want some food I often hit Pizza My Heart, and order the crust thin. While it's not an actual thin crust, when it's not a crusty mess it's a decent pie, and you can just get 1 pizza delivered. Amici's is also interesting, if you like actual thin crust, but the cost and delivery fees are a bit much.

        Still, we have delivery services.

        Fluc ( no minimum, $6/order


        Fluc actually covers a lot of the restaurants in RWC. Depending what you like - there's Ike's, Gourmet House Staudt, iDumpling (LOVE I DUMPLING), Vesta, Chavez Taqueria, Martin's West, New Kapadocia, John Bentley's, Broadway Masala, Old Port Lobster Shack, La Victoria.

        Fluc has somewhat .... white glove service, like Uber, almost in a scary way. Still, the time I used it, very cool to get Tamerine Tea Leaf Beef without having to infect people in the restaurant.

        Seamless - the only one I'd recommend is crouching tiger, $100 minimum

        Munchery looks cool

        Hope this helps

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          wow thanks! i tried tonight. great first experience and lots of restaurants. i thought i was stuck with grubhub

          i'll also try the others you mention too! muchery looks yum too

        2. When I used to live down there a few years ago, the standbys for me were Pho Dong for vietnamese, Tacos El Grullense for mexican, Gourmet House Staudt (German), and Celias in Menlo Park for Tex Mex. As mentioned by another poster, this is one of the few remaining cities left on the peninsula where the economics and demographics still allow good Mexican places to exist, so try out the mexican joints!