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Feb 12, 2001 04:50 PM

After dinner fun

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My wife and I are planning a first time trip to Montreal in mid to late June. Any suggestions for after dinner entertainment (jazz, Sinatra-style piano bar, blues, etc?) How about somewhere for a late night desert?



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  1. The Montreal Jazz Festival runs from late June through July. I don't know the web address offhand, but if you do a search for "Montreal Jazz Festival", I'm sure it will appear. We went last year and it was fabulous! Jazz acts play in different venues (clubs, bars, outdoors around the city) from afternoon until late at night. The main location of the festival is around the Westin Hotel. The streets are blocked off and different bands play outdoors. Most outdoor acts are free, otherwise there are various admission charges. Have fun on your trip! Montreal is a great city! (as for chow, try to avoid Crescent Street and Peel Streets, they are both very touristy, with overpriced mediocre restaurants. Most late night activities will be on or around the Rue St Laurent, where there are lots of nightclubs, restaurants, etc.)

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      Go to:
      1254 Mackay [just below St Catherine O]
      (514) 931-6808
      This place is really good, and intimate. It's a small jazz bar/club/restaurant. It's got decent food.

      l'Air du Temps Jazz
      191 St Paul O
      (514) 842-2003
      Never been, but heard it's good.

      Biddle Jazz & Ribs
      2060 Aylmer
      (514) 842-8656
      I went there once. Really good jazz, good ambience...but crowded & expen$ive.

      Pick up/look online at:
      mirror [
      ]hour [
      Check out whatever other festivals are going on in Montreal, too...