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Feb 21, 2014 09:04 AM

Kitchen appliances

We are planning to remodel our kitchen. We are considering Bosch 800 series and thermador for all the appliances. Anyone out there has any experinces with these and do you recommend it. Having a difficult time deciding on which one to go with - HELP!

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  1. We remodeled about 12 years ago. We put in thermador double ovens (model C302U) and cooktop (PCS484WK).
    We've had a few issues with the ovens (the control board and the lower door hinge), but all in all, OK and we've been pretty happy with it.
    The cooktop has been wonderful. Our only regret is that we don't use the wok as much as we thought we would and would have been better off with six burners and a grill instead of four burners and a wok.

    1. We have the double oven with the knobs, built-in French door fridge, sleek hood and microwave. All good stuff -- "poor man's Gaggenau". Actually, Thermador, Bosch and Gaggenau come from the same manufacturer.

      1. I just bought a Bosch 800 a few weeks ago. Life-changing! Dishwashing is no longer a chore. Pots and pans go directly from cooktop to the dishwasher. Lasagna pans with baked on cheese, no problem. Just make sure if you have hard water to get a model with a built in softener.

        1. I previously owned a Miele, then rented a home with a Bosch. Both were good, but the mid-range Bosch was a bit better at drying than my high-end Miele. I did miss the Miele cutlery rack.

          When I bought my new DW 3 yrs ago, I was so happy to find Miele's cutlery rack in the Bosch 800. SOLD! It is silent, cleans and drys well and holds tons of dishes. I'm completely happy with it.