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Feb 21, 2014 08:21 AM

party of 11 recommendation??

I have been tasked with arranging a dinner for my wife's cousins and spouses. There will be eleven of us. The median travel point would be the Somerville area, because of access to 287 and 78. BYOB is preferred but definitely not a deal breaker. Thanks in advance.

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    1. There are lots of good choices in Somerville.Not sure what kind of food you like, but Da Filippo's is an Italian BYO that is very good.It's pretty small, so you'd need to plan ahead. Kyma is a stylish Greek restaurant that I think has very good and sometimes updated versions of traditional dishes. Those are two in Somerville that I could recommend.

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        I agree on Kyma. Had lunch there about a month ago and both the food and the service were very good. Not having been there during a busy time, like a Saturday night, I can't tell you what the noise level might be but I do think that they would be able to accommodate your party of 11.

      2. I'd head to the Skylark Diner in Edison--not sure if it's too far south, but it's on Rt 1, easily accessible from 287 or the Turnpike. Food is great + they have a full bar, won't rush you out, and they can certainly handle a party of that size.