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Reviews of Double frying pan kugel pot

I have seen a double frying pan kugel pot. Has anyone ever used it and what are your comments? Basically I am wondering whether it is worth the investment, or is it something you hardly use.

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  1. Pans that can be used for sauteing, for braising and for baking as a casserole are not uncommon. I use a standard frying pan to carmelize apples on the stove and to bake them in a tarte tatin. I don't see why you could not bake a kugle in a frying pan.

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      Yes, it is possible to make a kugel in a pan. But, this is 2 fry pans attached by a hinge that might make it easier to get the kugel crispy on both sides.

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        Ok. I think I am in love. That is the best idea I ever heard of. Where did you see it?

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          Interesting. Do you have a photo?

    2. as opposed to just using something like this?

      1. I've seen it at The Buzz. I personally didn't think it justified the cost, as all you need to do is flip it onto a plate and then slide it back in to cook on the other side.

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          Easier said than done. Trust me. And is it worth it to have the double crust or do it in a pan? Yep. Yep. It is if you are a potato kugel afficianado (sp?). Can't wait to hear the feedback. Then, I'll decide.

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            Although I don't make a lot of potato kugle. I do make a bread-like ( or fritatta-like) matzo brie on Pesach. I use a pair of large, non-stick frying pans. I grease the receiving pan with margerine (to induce browning) then when the brie begins to set loosen the edges of the matzo brei by running a curved spatula between the pan and the edges, then invert the receiving pan over the pan containing the matzoh brei - and flip. It requires a steady grip on the handles, and courage.

            I think that the idea of a pair of frying pans with interlocking handles is brilliant http://www.williams-sonoma.com/produc...

            Thank you, lukfan , for alerting me to the fact that such a contraption exists. The reviews on the Williams-Sonoma version indicate that it works.

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              Looks like an interesting pan, but were I to get it, I would certainly get it at Amazon rather than Williams-Sonoma. The price difference is huge. The reviews on the Amazon pan also seem to be very positive.

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              Yes, that is the kugel pot fry pan I was referring to. Can someone who has used it, tell me their experiences with it. Did liquid leak out when you turneg the kugel over, and was it worth the money?

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                Amazon is cheaper if you go for the 10" one and if you have Amazon Prime since Kugel Pan is charging $10 to ship so the total is $43 with shipping and tax. I just ordered it from amazon and am getting it shipped to my Florida address, no shipping, no taxes, $35 total and its a Cuisinart. My mother too used to make her potato kugel on the stove - delicious and thick crust I never made it since I dreaded the flipping over. This solves it. I am glad I saw this post!

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                  Ok, in Florida now and just made my first kugel with the Cuisinart. Wonderful! EZ to flip, EZ to clean, nice crusty yet moist inside. No need to spend more, unless you need the 12" one.

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                      I always make kugel in the oven. Could I simply use my regular kugel recipe on the stove and flip it halfway through? Did you keep it covered while the "first" half was on the stove?

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                        I covered first, flipped and then cooked uncovered. This was the recipe that I used.


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                  If anyone is still interested in this, the Cuisinart double frying pan is currently selling for $19.99 on Amazon. (The price alert I set up based on this thread let me know about it.)

                  I just ordered one, and I'm really looking forward to trying this out soon!

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                    Did it really take 7 months for the price to go down that low? :)

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                      It looks like it, at least according to camelcamelcamel.com: http://camelcamelcamel.com/Cuisinart-...
                      This is actually the lowest price they've recorded (since Feb. 2012).

                3. I was out shopping and I found the kugel pot at Van Horne Hardware. I look forward to trying it out!

                  1. So, I've read all the posts until now.

                    I love crunch. Growing up everyone in the family wanted the edge.

                    Mom solved this problemmore than 50 years ago.

                    She poured the kugel batter into deep muffin tins and everyone got an individual crisp kugel

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                      I think if you use a muffin pan the top will still not be as crispy as if it were cooked on both sides.

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                        all you have to do is finish it under the broiler

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                          Tried it. Then you don't have the correct mushy inside consistency. It is drier inside. And the crust is not the same. Honest to Hashem, there is nothing like flipping out an entire frying pan kugel onto a plate and then doing the second flip to allow the crust to be on top when you serve it. Then, using the side of a spoon to slice off a huge chunk of it with some mushy stuff coming along for the ride. That is a freaking unbelievable culinary experience. Only my 90 pound Bahby could successfully do an intact flip. Go figure.

                    2. Lukfam, thanks . I just ordered one of these to flip matzo brei. Should make Pesach less exciting than the 2-pan method.

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                        I bought one for the same purpose. Matzoh brei. If it works well I'll keep it for year-round frittatas which are delicious but awful looking,

                      2. I bought the cuisinart one and I used to make potato kugel on pesach. The kugel came out so amazingly crisp. The pan was so easy to use. The most difficult part was taking off the plastic twist that holds the two pans together..
                        I ordered a second one for year round use. I got them on cooking.com and used a coupon. Each purchase including shipping was about $30

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                          Same here. I didn't use it for kugel, but I did for matzoh brei and fritatas and omelettes. Loved it so much that I kept it for year round and bought a new one that I've packed away for Pesach next year.