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Feb 21, 2014 07:38 AM

Place for dinner Highland Park or Bridgewater NJ

Looking for a nice kosher place for dinner this Sat night in or near Highland Park or Bridgewater, NJ. Long overdue date night for my husband and me, so a quiet place not overrun by noisy children would be nice. Thanks!

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  1. For what you are seeking, options are very, very limited. None of the restaurants in HP have much ambience. Jerusalem Pizza is a zoo on Saturday nights, so definitely not there. Dunkin Donuts is also usually pretty busy. Every other place is meat. Park Place (check the hours to make sure it is even open on Saturday nights) has some quieter seating. Sushiana (sushi, but also cooked fish dinners, and really good appetizers and sides) is a hole in the wall kind of place, but does have a few tables. I've been on a Saturday night and was able to linger over my dinner there with no problems. However, if you want privacy, you will need to keep your voices down, as it is a small place.

    In Somerville (near Bridgewater) there is Lin's Kosher Chinese. Food is decent (neither good nor bad, and as with any restaurant, depends on what you get). Atmosphere is a little nicer (compared to the places in Highland Park, anyway). Sometimes, it's cold, though, so dress in layers. To make it a real date night, there is a movie theater a mile or two up the road, too.

    If you are willing to go to Metuchen, there is Orchid on Main Street (I think it's Main Street). I am not sure of their Saturday night hours, but the food is good. Ambience is eh (partly due to the lighting), and I find the service to be extraordinarly slow, but the food is really tasty. I happen to like their veggie burgers (which appear to be homemade and not some frozen patty), and a family member recently enjoyed a special they had of lamb sliders.

    Enjoy your date!

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    1. You are better off in Highland Park- aside from coffee or ice cream your options in Bridgewater are limited. Sometimes I do like going to Wegmans to eat, it is pretty upscale for a supermarket and you can purchase whatever you like in the supermarket and dine upstairs.